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[Rant] ARC 2002: Thank you to all visitors and exhibitorsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Dec-2002 16:10 GMT by Jens Schönfeld (Edited on 2002-12-15 17:31:58 GMT by Christian Kemp)16 comments
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The show is over, but the work continues, which proves the success of the event. The fare team of individual Computers says thank you to all visitors and exhibitors who made the last weekend so successful.
Many pictures have already been published on the Amiga news sites, a complete coverage of the fare will be published in the next issue of the German Amiga-Magazin.
Our Congratulations go to bplan GmbH and Chris Hodges, who recieved the Amiga Award 2002 for their Pegasos mainboard, and the Poseidon USB stack, respectively.
We're looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next event of this kind!
[Files] Fullversion - Scorched Tanks V1.90ANN.lu
Posted on 15-Dec-2002 13:31 GMT by Amiga Arena5 comments
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Fullversion - Scorched Tanks V1.90 With the permission from the developer Michael Welch (Ex Dark Unicorn Productions member) one of the best "Artillery" Games for the Amiga is now for free available,Scorched Tanks V1.90! Special thanks to Markus "Commonaut" Rink,who makes it possible! You can download the Game on http://www.online-club.de/~ARENA/ See Fullversions/Amiga Arena Games!
[Files] PerfectPaint V2.9ANN.lu
Posted on 15-Dec-2002 07:34 GMT by Halvadjian Georges8 comments
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PerfectPaint V2.9 is available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html

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[News] Announcement: Hollywood for AmigaOS4ANN.lu
Posted on 14-Dec-2002 17:13 GMT by Andreas Falkenhahn90 comments
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As I got some mails from people saying that they won't buy Hollywood because I'm supporting MorphOS I have to clarify that there will be AmigaOS 4 version of Hollywood of course. But before this can happen, I need a developer version of AmigaOS4 and because such a version does not seem to be available currently, I cannot do anything yet. But there will be definitely an AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood (if it is API compatible to the classic AmigaOS). So, don't panic and don't send me any more of such threatening letters. It's really astonishing how serious this topic seems to be to some people. Additionally the update to the AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood will be free of charge too (as the update to the MorphOS version was). So if you are interested in Hollywood, you can also buy the program now and get the update for free when AmigaOS 4 is finally available.
[Files] Quake 2 sources publically availableANN.lu
Posted on 14-Dec-2002 15:41 GMT by darklite34 comments
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The Quake 2 & mods Amiga sources and support files as released by Hyperion. The archives have all been converted from Hyperion's proprietary hpa format to lha.

The archives should be available from Aminet soon.

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Posted on 13-Dec-2002 18:29 GMT by FOREMATT9 comments
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Issue 31, the December 2002 issue of the 100%AMIGA, the Amiga's only monthly CD magazine is out now. This month is the biggest issue ever as we take a close look at last month’s World of Amiga show including...

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[Files] AmiGOD2 BETA 13.12.2002 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:16 GMT by Lukas Stehlik20 comments
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New AmiGOD2 released!

New features:

Amiga Continued special version (czech Amiga magazine)
MorphOS test: new internal module Pegasos G3/600MHz (!!!) + Voodoo4 AGP
Amithlon test: new internal module Athlon XP 1700 + TNT2
UAE test: new internal module P/166MHz + Tseng PCI
Amiga test: new internal module A1240/25MHz + Voodoo3 PCI
added info buttons to the database
small bug in database was removed (thanks to Don Cox)
please, do not run it on Amiga without FPU (not debugged yet)

AmiGOD2 Homepage

[Web] C.A.P.S. - Something strange is afoot!ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:12 GMT by Fiath (Edited on 2002-12-14 00:22:16 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)17 comments
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Go look: http://www.caps-project.org
[Web] Pictures and videos of Amiga + Retrocomputing Messe 2002 Aachen (Germany)!ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Dec-2002 11:32 GMT by Pegasos UK3 comments
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If you like to see more than 100 pictures and several videos of last weekend Retrocomputing Fair please visit our site www.pegasos-uk.com and check the news section, events subsection. We hope you enjoy it. Kind Regards. Pegasos UK Team.
[News] IOSPIRIT: fxPAINT 2.0 availableANN.lu
Posted on 13-Dec-2002 10:05 GMT by IOSPIRIT16 comments
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IOSPIRIT is happy to announce the availability of fxPAINT 2.0. All preorders have been dispatched already (with the exception of non-paid prepayment-orders). fxPAINT 2.0 is available on CD-ROM and as download version and runs native on 68K, PowerUP, WarpUP, MorphOS and Amithlon.
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