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[News] Morphos runs on AmigaOne too.ANN.lu
Posted on 04-Sep-2002 13:04 GMT by Christophe Decanini160 comments
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Bill Buck posted a comment here that says:
Also, we might as well let the thread know that MorphOS runs on the A1 too. We have one of "their" boards and it works! That should settle the issue of "write once, publish anywhere"... Plus, we are happy to sell a Pegasos to Mr. Hermans and his team or anyone else. Ben, you can have one from the next production and you do not even have to be a Betatester...;)
[News] amigadev.net And lists.amiga.com Appear To Be Operational AgainANN.lu
Posted on 04-Sep-2002 10:29 GMT by Douglas McLaughlin0 comments
As the title says, the connection to the servers has been fixed and both amigadev.net and lists.amiga.com are now operational again.
[News] Production Teron CX systems soon for US$500ANN.lu
Posted on 04-Sep-2002 06:51 GMT by JoeBlow44 comments
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www.mai.com/news&events/PressRelease090302.html Production version Teron systems using the Teron CX design will soon be available for purchasing from Mai Logic's strategic partners in the targeted price range of around $500.00 each.
[Web] Jim Sachs Interviewed by GetBoinged!ANN.lu
Posted on 04-Sep-2002 02:19 GMT by Paul J. Beel3 comments
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He is an amazing artist! Remember Defender of the Crown? The now famous AmigaWorld cover? Take a trip back in time and find out what Mr. Sachs is doing now!

Jim Sachs GetBoinged Interview
[Web] Small Psyria HomePage UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 22:29 GMT by Dennis Lohr0 comments
Today the Track for the Amiga Future was published. There were these so far only on the Amiga Future homepage as exclusive down load as VBR or CBR Mp3. The produced piece of Yel.C. vs Psyria is present in the Download-Section as VBR Mp3.
[News] Attractive fxSCAN-sidegrade-offers!ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 11:20 GMT by IOSPIRIT0 comments
In a time-limited offer until the 1st of October 2002, IOSPIRIT are giving you the possibility to sidegrade fom your current scanner software (ScanQuix, ScanTek, ArtecScan, other software on request) to fxSCAN 4.0.

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[Web] DCE article is now on-line!ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 10:58 GMT by Michal Bergseth48 comments
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I just want to tell everyone, that Amitopias article about DCE is now on-line. Its with pictures and more. www.amitopia.tk Regards, AmiDelf

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[Web] Visit of Thendic-France in photosANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 10:34 GMT by Sébastien Jeudy13 comments
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"Some photos taken the 13th August 2002 at Thendic-France in Paris have been posted here. Thanks to Thendic, and enjoy the visit with the Pegasos/MorphOS ! :)

Sébastien Jeudy - "Jedi"."

[News] AmIDE goes open sourceANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 00:13 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä9 comments
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"Today AmIDE was announced as GPL and is available for all interested amiga developers to join the team and make AmIDE a powerful integrated development environment for Amiga computers. AmIDE - Amiga Integrated Development Environment is a modern MUI based IDE system that should make the Amiga developer able to use his favourite Compiler system with a modern looking GUI System with features like filetype handling, Build/Make, TextEditor" The project can be found here.
[News] New IBrowse homepageANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 00:09 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä15 comments
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"As many of you will know, IBrowse has been without a proper home on the web for a while, until now. Obviously, this website is a bit minimal at the moment, but we are planning to address this situation soon. We are currently busy preparing IBrowse 2.3 (68K) for release - as yet we have no indication of a firm release date, but good progress is being made and we are doing our best to get IBrowse 2.3 ready for release a.s.a.p." Visit the site here.
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