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[Web] ExoticA UpdatedANN.lu
Posted on 15-Jul-2002 11:25 GMT by Jools (BuZz) Smyth1 comments
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Exotica was updated 14-07-02. See News for details


[News] OS 4 coverage on OS newsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Jul-2002 06:57 GMT by SimplePPC116 comments
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Mike Bouma did an excellent write-up on OS 4 for OS news. Includes 5 unreleased screenshots. The article can be found here.
[Files] Rainboot 4 previewANN.lu
Posted on 14-Jul-2002 23:19 GMT by Budda2 comments
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There's some preview pics from Rainboot4 over at the website showing off how you can now use it as a proper multimedia authoring tool, even for gfx cards! A potentially cool tool for people!

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[News] ARM 3 OUT!ANN.lu
Posted on 14-Jul-2002 01:51 GMT by ARM0 comments
The third number of the spanish Amiga magazine ARM will be out in some days, read about the contents, images, news and more in the webpage, the number 2 was Sold OUT! :)
[News] IOSPIRIT: Webinterface for mailinglists on iospirit.deANN.lu
Posted on 13-Jul-2002 12:46 GMT by Felix Schwarz0 comments
IOSPIRIT already offered mailinglists for its products, news and discussions. Starting with today, we also provide you with a webinterface that allows you to view all mails in a mailinglist that have been submitted until now.

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[News] New version of AmiStart out and available at GFX-BASEANN.lu
Posted on 12-Jul-2002 08:40 GMT by NARR0 comments
A new version of AmiStart has been released. The new AmiStart version features an improved interface, antialiased truetype support and more. This version will be out on Aminet in some days. If you can't wait to give it a try you can already download it exclusively from GFX-BASE, where you also can look at some new screenshots and read the details.

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[News] New photos of AmigaMania13 June French MeetingANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2002 18:20 GMT by Stephane Marrec54 comments
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Here are more photos of the meeting ArtBastringue/AmigaMania in Toulouse (FRANCE) June 22-23 2002 .

- Photos of an "AmigaOne SE" running LinuxPPC, - Photos of the new "AmigaOne XE" showed by Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) during the conférence - Photos of "cristO classic" high end tower case from Naya Design. - Various photos of well known french Amiga users (Professionals and normal users) - and more... :)
Gallery 1 AmigaMania13_1
Gallery 2 AmigaMania13_2

Unfortunely no comment for each photos is available.

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[News] GoldED Studio AIXANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2002 15:04 GMT by Dietmar Eilert17 comments
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Update for GoldED Studio announced (first preview available here).

In a few days a final update for GoldED Studio will be released which combines the existing editor (release 6) with material from the aborted development of version 7: all-new graphics, an improved UI library and various updated add-ons. The package will include the Distributed BASIC interpreter with GPL'ed source code.

[Files] New Directory Opus 4 Beta availableANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2002 14:49 GMT by Christoph Gutjahr11 comments
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A new public beta version of DirOpus4 is available at . Direct download: http://dopus.amiga.pl/files/DOpus417pre13.lzx. Changes since the last public beta are listed here.
[News] New mailing list for Amiga USB card ownersANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2002 02:58 GMT by Michael Boehmer0 comments
On Yahoo a new mailing list list for people interested in HIGHWAY / SUBWAY USB cards (and their users, of course) has been created.

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