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[News] New Squid Amiga Article: "Reset."ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jun-2002 16:49 GMT by Cephalopod11 comments
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Yep, it was more than a year ago since we last saw one, but today is a day of celebration: John "Squid" Shephard has posted another excellent observation on the Amiga-related proceedings (and a bunch of other stuff). Get thee over to flyingmice.com.
[News] New Amiga Coupon Info - No Credit Cards NeededANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jun-2002 20:59 GMT by Darin28 comments
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Gary Peake has asked that this information be passed along. His message outlines how people can purchase the $50 coupon if they don't have a credit card.

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[Motd] Weekend away / Stricter moderation?ANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jun-2002 15:05 GMT by Christian Kemp94 comments
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I'm back from a track&field meeting in Tallinn (EST) - which is why there were no updates and no article moderation on ANN inbetween Friday and today.

Also, I'd like to emphasize a point that has recently arisen in the comments section: while I dislike the idea of strict moderation and removal of articles and comments, something needs to be done to stop a few people from turning any thread into a flamefest (and a bad one, at that), and ruin the visiting experience for everybody else. I will therefore adopt a slightly stricter moderation policy - starting with informal warnings, and pursuing other options if these do not yield positive results (Possibilities for this would be manual removal of comments, the possibility to filter anonymous posters or certain IP ranges, or have an ignore list. Alas, the last three would require a rewrite of the comments system and possibly the implementation of user accounts, which would be a massive task. And comments?)

[News] AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 "Free Stuff" Early Promotion StatusANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jun-2002 14:47 GMT by Christian Kemp87 comments
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The AmigaDE shop has a status page showing how many AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 $50 off coupons have been sold. As of right now, the number is 148, with about eleven and a half days left.
Posted on 24-Jun-2002 15:16 GMT by Luca Diana66 comments
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It's time to put aside pityful and damaging behavior. The very existance of the community is at stake.

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[Web] New Poll on Amigart SiteANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jun-2002 08:47 GMT by Guvenc Kaplan8 comments
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After some problems (which took a week to solve) Amigart.com site is back as before. We have added a new poll "Which graphics card will you use with AmigaONE/Pegasos?" to our site. We hope that the results of this poll will give some positive feedback to developers who write drivers for for AmigaONE and Pegassos. If you think that a poll option is missing, please give us feedback so we can consider adding your idea as a poll option. You can vote at Amigart.com Website

[News] New Executive UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jun-2002 04:22 GMT by Johan "Graak" Forsberg128 comments
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There's a new, VERY interesting Executive Update at Amiga Inc's website.
[News] Amithlon lives on!ANN.lu
Posted on 23-Jun-2002 22:12 GMT by Budda21 comments
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An interesting message lingers at amithlon.net
[News] Yvon Rozjin appoints aweb.sunsite.dk "official" AWeb O.S. ProjectANN.lu
Posted on 23-Jun-2002 15:53 GMT by Henrik Mikael Kristensen0 comments
Yvon writes at his website:

The site of the "official" AWeb Open Source Project. Look here for the latest releases of AWeb APL.
Developers: you are strongly suggested to join this project if you want to help further development of AWeb, instead of starting something on your own."
[Rant] New Rant: "Community Take Control" at Class Of XANN.lu
Posted on 23-Jun-2002 00:53 GMT by Andy Hall17 comments
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Frustration at the current situation put into words, lots of them, some even forming coherent sentences. Check it out on Class Of X here
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