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[Rant] Thanks to everyone involved.ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jun-2004 13:11 GMT by MOSlem137 comments
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With this mail I want to thank everyone (bPlan, Genesi, MorphOS developer team and all the volunteers) involved into the PegasosII and MorphOS for keeping up the good old Amiga spirit and showing us the future for Amiga. Big thanks to all of you who you spent all the years onto the Amiga and finally found a new real path for the Amiga. For me as user PegasosII and MorphOS is everything that I want to see a modern Amiga should be. Quite modern and affordable Hardware, a nice clean and fast Operating System and all the developers and 3rd party people heavily supporting it. Without you the Amiga would still be a dead thing but with all you people we are happy to look forward into a nice future.

Thanks again.

[Files] DOSBox 0.61 R3 and RunDOS 1.2ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jun-2004 07:25 GMT by mcbarlo18 comments
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DOSBox is a DOS emulator that uses the SDL library. It emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS, Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics and SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card.

Changes in MorphOS version:
- improved stability
- some speed increment

RunDOS is a tool which allow you to start DOS software by clicking on the icon on Ambient. Now you can set the option to quit DOSBox after quit from the program you started with RunDOS.

You can get the archives from here and here.
[News] Anachronism Industries clearance sale and promotion!ANN.lu
Posted on 19-Jun-2004 19:02 GMT by redrumloa2 comments
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While supplies last, get Image-FX 4.5 at a unbelievable clearance price of $75 and Aladdin 4D for $55 with free shipping to the US buyers!

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[News] AmigaKit.com OpensANN.lu
Posted on 19-Jun-2004 15:12 GMT by AmigaKit.com0 comments
AmigaKit.com has opened to the Amiga community. The online store specialises in new and refurbished hardware and components suitable for the modern Amiga.

The website is available from the SWAUG.org.uk website by clicking on the "shop" link or simply by going to www.amigakit.com

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[News] PegXMACSP beta for AmigaONE Available!ANN.lu
Posted on 19-Jun-2004 06:58 GMT by PegXlin DEV23 comments
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An early beta release of PegXMACSP is available for AmigaONE owners. at PegXMAC

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[Files] WookieChat BETAANN.lu
Posted on 18-Jun-2004 11:24 GMT by James Carroll26 comments
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I've made an AmigaOS 3.x IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. It needs a lot of work still, but I thought I'd finally let everyone use what I've done so far. This software is UNFINISHED, and is very much BETA. View screenshots and download the archive from the WookieChat Homepage

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[Web] Yet Another IntuitionBase UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 18-Jun-2004 11:05 GMT by Ryu16 comments
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Thats right folks, we're updating again... Now we have completed the customisation's section of the site. So go on, take a gander and submit all those home made backdrops, icon packs etc :-)

[Files] New Kickflash OS4 firmware availableANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jun-2004 22:47 GMT by Jens Schönfeld16 comments
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A new version of the Firmware V1.52 for the Kickflash flashrom-card by individual Computers for Zorro-equipped Amigas is available. This update fixes a bug in the memory allocation that kept certain A3000 models from starting properly. The programmer-team Coyoteflux are now working to implement kickstart remapping for the next update.

Download: CoyoteFlash.lha (29KBytes)
[News] AROS on MacANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jun-2004 21:45 GMT by Lanch7 comments
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AROS actually works under VirtualPC on Mac:

Aros under VirtualPC
[Web] Major Website update & Request...ANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jun-2004 20:13 GMT by MiRRoRMaN5 comments
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I updated AmigaCam a whole lot by putting every single product I still have and made online, even 1 Commodore 64 demo I made when I was 13 and demo's that go as far back as 1990. Still I have a request, read on.

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