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[News] Short summary of Pianeta Amiga 2001 fairANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2001 11:31 GMT by Christian Kemp39 comments
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David Scheibler compiled a short summary of the Pianeta Amiga 2001 fair, taken from amiga-news.de:
  • H&P showed AmigaOS XL (i.e. MooVid playing two films)
  • VirtualWorks showed the GRex4000D and the Mediator4000 PCI cards (not runing)
  • TitanComputer presented CandyFactoryPro running on a Pegasos computer with MorphOS v0.8
  • there will be a new Italian print magazine called Bitplane
  • Mirko Cippola showed a A1200 with a Mediator1200 with Voodoo, Soundcard and TV card.
[Web] GetBoinged.orgANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2001 05:36 GMT by Christian Kemp5 comments
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Paul J. Beel writes: A friend and I have created a brand new site for the Amiga community. It has the latest Aminet files, plus a place to post the latest DE applications.

[News] "What happened to...?" - RJ MicalANN.lu
Posted on 20-Oct-2001 21:11 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
In an old press release I found, surprisingly, in my referer logs, the following is said about RJ Mical... Aug. 27, 2001 - Video game veteran RJ Mical has joined Fathammer as chief architect. Mical assumes the responsibility for designing the software architecture and development interface for Fathammer's mobile game engine, X-Forge™. He will oversee the integration of third party components as well as serve as a company spokesman and technology evangelist. [..] Fathammer's X-Forge™ gaming technology and suite of supporting tools allows game developers to create original titles and bring existing properties to multiple mobile platforms. The X-Forge™ 3D game engine pioneers a new category for handheld devices and entertainment software - Mobiletainment™ - enabling console quality gaming on popular mobile devices.
[News] Amiga.org hackedANN.lu
Posted on 20-Oct-2001 18:54 GMT by Christian Kemp31 comments
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In a comment here on ANN, Amiga.org's Wayne Hunt confirms that Amiga.org has been hacked. The main database was destroyed, and even though there are (possibly compromised) backups, they are debating whether or not to bother putting it back up. I guess any help, words of encouragement or financial support would be greatly appreciated by the Amiga.org team. In the same thread, people are currently discussing, among other things, whether the person responsible for this should better be fed to alligators, or eaten alive by fire ants.
[Rant] EyeTech preview AmigaOne towerANN.lu
Posted on 18-Oct-2001 13:16 GMT by Christian Kemp52 comments
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First pictures of purpose designed high-end tower for the AmigaOne "[..] So as well as impressing existing Amiga users we also expect the AmigaOne to produce some real head-turning and jaw-dropping amongst the Windows-using fraternity. [..]" If the preliminary pictures are anything to go by, then the side view certainly looks nice, but why would anyone put the CD-ROM drives at the bottom of a tower and have four external 3.5" bays but only three 5.25" ones? Please discuss. Update: This seems to be the tower from which Eyetech's version is derived. And at 535€, it isn't exactly cheap.
[News] IBM to Unveil Sahara PowerPC ChipANN.lu
Posted on 12-Oct-2001 19:52 GMT by Christophe Decanini3 comments
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Read more in this eWEEKS article
[News] USB drivers working on the G-Rex!ANN.lu
Posted on 11-Oct-2001 11:12 GMT by Christian Kemp7 comments
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Alkis Tsapanidis wrote: There are finally usb drivers working on the G-Rex. It will be shown in a Amiga User Group meeting on Saturday in Germany. Get more info at VGR
[Motd] Just because you can...ANN.lu
Posted on 11-Oct-2001 08:55 GMT by Christian Kemp13 comments
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Many complaints were voiced and people are thinking that ANN's quality is degrading because of the display of unmoderated postings on the main page. And this is certainly not what I intended. Posting on the main page has not been opened up to allow people to insult, or be troublemakers. "Just because you can, does not mean you should." I'd like to ask posters to refrain from posting jokes, sarcastic remarks, or unfounded/unproven criticisms. When posting, I'd prefer people to apply common sense rather than limit them with explicit restrictions. Thank you for your cooperation.
[News] Bill McEwen interviewedANN.lu
Posted on 07-Oct-2001 14:33 GMT by Christian Kemp14 comments
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In a phone interview Martin Henke conducted with Amiga Inc. president Bill McEwen on October 2nd, Bill answers a few questions, but doesn't give too much detail. You can find the German version at Amiga Aktuell. Update: The English version is available in the news section of Amiga Aktuell International.
[Motd] MOTD 05/Oct/01 : Definately too many MOTD's :)ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Oct-2001 18:48 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
I fixed the poll script, thanks to Luca for letting me know (please always report when things you think should be working do not). Things are pretty busy around here, and I just wanted to remind people to remain civilised. Also, I've always tried to target the widest possible audience, so if you think ANN is evolving too much into one direction, please let me know in the comments, or by mail. As a final note for today, I'm thinking of attending the Cologne or London shows (two hours by car or eight hours by train, respectively), since I was thinking it might be nice to meet some people in person... Comments, anyone?
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