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[News] News from amigadev.netANN.lu
Posted on 24-Aug-2001 13:46 GMT by Christian Kemp10 comments
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Alex Klauke wrote: AmigaInc. is going to announce its own distribution channel called Amiga Content Distribution Network. Soon AmigaInc. will start selling content through their AmigaDE Shop. Also they will deliver the 'AmigaDE Player' for running the same content as on PDAs (like Sharp's Zaurus) on Windows and Linux systems.
[Rant] "Balmer obviously nuts..."ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Aug-2001 11:49 GMT by Christian Kemp25 comments
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Solar (BAUD) wrote: I thought seeing Steve Balmer hopping around like a madman already said it all, but this one tops it off... Sheesh, I feel sick... ;-) I tend to agree. The expression on his face is scary, to say the least.
[Web] Merlancia.com receives major face liftANN.lu
Posted on 24-Aug-2001 10:38 GMT by Christian Kemp5 comments
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Merlancia Industries wrote: Merlancia.com (The Merlancia Industries main website) has received a total facelift and major overhaul this week. All changes are now in place. Visit http://www.merlancia.com to see them!
[Files] Aqua AHI update now available!ANN.lu
Posted on 23-Aug-2001 13:30 GMT by Christian Kemp2 comments
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Kelly Samel wrote: An AHI update to Aqua has been released. This allows owners of the full CD version of Aqua to use AHI compatible sound cards. Aqua is a new adventure game in the style of Myst/Riven recently released for Amiga. Check out the offical Emerald Imaging web site for more info.
[Files] AROS now HD installable and bootableANN.lu
Posted on 23-Aug-2001 07:54 GMT by Christian Kemp19 comments
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m0ns00n wrote: Matt's bootdisk (Matts disks) now let's you install AROS on your harddrive and make it boot as well. He says: Aros is now usable :-)
[News] OpenTV's interactive television to run on IBM's PowerPC-based set-top-box chipsANN.lu
Posted on 22-Aug-2001 11:14 GMT by Christophe Decanini5 comments
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Here is the IBM announcement.
[News] IBM may sell Nintendo's PowerPC chip to othersANN.lu
Posted on 22-Aug-2001 11:04 GMT by Christophe Decanini4 comments
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Here is an article that mention Amiga as a possible customer for the Gecko. The chance is thin but it is worth reading.
Posted on 20-Aug-2001 15:53 GMT by Christophe Decanini13 comments
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Sat, 18 August, 2001

It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Amiga community in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) announces that there will be an Amiga stand (Stand K18) at the forthcoming major mainstream ITExpo/COMDEX computer show at the Southbank Melbourne Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia on 5-7 September, 2001.

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[Motd] ANN/motd : Work, bugfixes and poll script rewritesANN.lu
Posted on 19-Aug-2001 19:06 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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As a few might have noticed, I safely returned from my three-week trip from the United States. However, things will remain pretty busy in my life, since starting tomorrow, and for the next two weeks to come, I will return to my former fulltime job to help them out during the holiday season. On top of that, I will work at my freelance workplace on two evenings and on weekends, which leaves me with very little free time on my hands. So that people don't complain that I'm only complaining in these MOTD's (even when they can opt out), I fixed a few minor inconveniences in the display settings/cookies handling, and revised the poll script to finally show results in the new layout. Take a look and comment before this fully replaces the old version. Before wrapping this up, I'd like to thank everybody for keeping ANN more or less updated during the time I was away. Please keep it up. :)
[Motd] 2 million visitsANN.lu
Posted on 09-Aug-2001 15:25 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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Various connectivity problems prevented me from accessing the internet in the last few days and witnessing the graphical counter pass the magical 2 million mark. Now, the counter was never meant to do any scientific monitoring - no IP check, only works when the image is loaded, etc. - but nevertheless, it does provide an interesting insight into the development of ANN... while it took three and a half years to record the first million of visits, the second million just took about 14 months... That being said, I'm getting ready to drive to Monument Valley today, and should be back home in about a week.
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