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[News] Elbox on Mediator/Voodoo3 driver controversyANN.lu
Posted on 17-Oct-2000 19:42 GMT by Christian Kemp67 comments
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Elbox isued a press release on the subject of the Mediator/Voodoo3 driver controversy. Please read more below.

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[News] New MorphOS BetaANN.lu
Posted on 17-Oct-2000 07:41 GMT by Jonathan Adamczewski19 comments
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Beta 2 of Morphos is up on www.morphos.de
[News] Elbox Interview by FunTime-WorldANN.lu
Posted on 16-Oct-2000 21:49 GMT by Amifan0 comments
There's a (German) interview with Elbox about the Mediator, DCE-VGR alliance and more on the Funtime world homepage. You can find a translation on the Amigart homepage.
[News] Blittersoft announce partnership with KDH DatentechnikANN.lu
Posted on 16-Oct-2000 15:33 GMT by Paul Lesurf0 comments
Blittersoft have recently signed a partnership agreement with KDH Datentechnik which means they become exclusive German distributors for all Amiga games released by Blittersoft. The agreement also installs Blittersoft as exclusive UK distributors for products released by KDH Datentechnik, for example the forthcoming "Taifun" program.
[News] Shark PPC prices and pre-ordering newsANN.lu
Posted on 16-Oct-2000 15:27 GMT by Paul Lesurf5 comments
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Blittersoft now have full price details of the new Shark G3/G4 boards from Elbox, which are due out in January 2001. Please visit here.
[News] No CGFX Voodoo3 driver for the MediatorANN.lu
Posted on 14-Oct-2000 10:01 GMT by Ben Yoris111 comments
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In a recent press release, DCE announces an exclusive contract with the CGFX team for Voodoo3 drivers. These drivers will now be committed to the G-Rex PCI busboard. This contract seems to be an alliance against the Mediator PCI busboard from Elbox. More details.
[News] Bill McEwen clarifies game ports listANN.lu
Posted on 14-Oct-2000 09:39 GMT by Christian Kemp17 comments
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Bill McEwen posted a clarification (in reply to this news item) here on ANN where he explains how the list of game ports was created and announces that Gary Peake has been promoted to Director of Developer Relations.
[News] PPC board for the MediatorANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2000 11:53 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš88 comments
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Elbox announce the development of the SharkPPC G3/G4 add-on board for the Mediator busboard. It's a pure PPC-based board and it's supposed to be able to work in co-operation with an existing 68k/PPC board. The boards should go into production in January 2001 with prices starting from 390 euros. Read the full press release below.

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[News] Want to see ACSYS finished?ANN.lu
Posted on 12-Oct-2000 16:21 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš12 comments
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If yes, go fill in this form. The developers of this Turrican clone, Unique, want 500 prospective buyers before going ahead with finishing of the game. There also a demo for download here (only 620KB).

[News] Earth 2140 demo releasedANN.lu
Posted on 12-Oct-2000 15:54 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš30 comments
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There's now a demo of the Amiga port of Earth 2140 available here (it's about 13MB). More info about the game can be found at the Pagan Games homepage here.

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