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[News] AmigaOS 3.5 Hints and TricksANN.lu
Posted on 03-Mar-2000 10:09 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
Sauro noticed that there is now a OS 3.5 Hints and Tricks FAQ posted on the Amiga OS 3.5 Web site.
[News] Aros newsANN.lu
Posted on 03-Mar-2000 09:48 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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Sauro is quoting from the Aros website that says: There are still problems to build AROS Native/i386 with EGCS (GCC 2.95.2) which should be resolved, soon. Some more screenshots have been added. It's Doom, this time. Unlike other Amiga ports of Doom, Doom can be run several times on AROS and you can even play multiplayer games on one machine (not very useful, though: The keyboard is just too small for four players :-).
[News] AmigaAMP 2.8 Beta-4 availableANN.lu
Posted on 03-Mar-2000 09:43 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
Sauro submitted a news item from Thomas Wenzel, posted on the official AmigaAmp page: I've hopefully fixed the basic playlist access arbitration (no more "Semaphore Failed" errors). Also I've re-implemented the background scanning feature of the playlist. To activate it set ListScanMethod = 1 in AmigaAMP.prefs although the comment says not implemented yet. Warning! This background scanner might still be buggy - that's why it's called beta :)
[News] News on AmiJoeANN.lu
Posted on 02-Mar-2000 13:47 GMT by Christian Kemp13 comments
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Benjamin Yoris forwarded a mail he received from Metabox AG. When asked whether they intend to take user's requests in consideration (US, SCSI, etc...), they answered: Sure.. On the subject of G4 and GFX, they wrote: The circuitry is already prepared for G4 and I guess we will announce them very soon when we have parts for production. GFX has a very limited choice because of the behavior of most chip manufacturers and mechanical requirements. But this is solved either.
[Motd] Submit form not working?ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Mar-2000 12:52 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
The submit form for adding news articles does not seem to work right now. Please send news submissions to submit@ann.lu instead.
[Files] Iris 2.0ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Mar-2000 21:24 GMT by Christian Kemp7 comments
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This is an email program using POP3 and SMTP. Requires AmiTCP/IP or Miami, OS V37+ (V2.04), 1 MB free memory
Category: comm/mail
License: Shareware
Aminet Readme
[Files] Frodo for WarpUP, rev 2 (000226)ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Mar-2000 21:18 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
Revision 2 of Mathias Roslund's WarpUp version of Christian Bauer's C64 emulator is now available.
Category: misc/emu
License: ?
AmiDog's Emulation Corner
[News] AFD-Copyright NewsANN.lu
Posted on 01-Mar-2000 21:08 GMT by Christian Kemp0 comments
Dietmar Knoll writes: Here are some news about the project "AFD-COPYRIGHT"(TM) or "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM). This Copyright Note is an offer for all Amiga developers who want to release FD-Software, be it Freeware, Giftware, Shareware or whatever. The Copyright Note is now available in fourteen (14!!) languages - all in two formats, as plain text and as HTML-file. Read more below.

Read More

[News] Amiga hired Dean K. BrownANN.lu
Posted on 29-Feb-2000 19:47 GMT by Christian Kemp7 comments
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I didn't see this mentioned anywhere apart from comp.sys.amiga.misc, so for anybody who didn't read the 2nd Fleecy chat: Amiga (recently?) hired Dean K. Brown of DKB fame.
[Motd] "Donate" poll removed.ANN.lu
Posted on 29-Feb-2000 19:36 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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I stopped the poll on how much (if anything) people would be willing to donate for an ad-free ANN because at least one individual used multiple IP addresses to artificially inflate the count. I'm not sure why somebody would do that... I had hoped to be able to gauge how much interest there really was so as to make an adequate decision on what kind of payments to accept, and what kind of income to expect. Since there is no guarantee that I'll be getting an accurate count this way, keeping the poll up wouldn't have been a good idea.
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