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Posted on 01-Feb-2000 16:07 GMT by Christian Kemp7 comments
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Julian Cassin writes: I was looking around the net and I came across a reference to an Amiga clone computer made in Japan called an X68000. I searched on Altavista to see what I could find, and the following links which are interesting came up - it appears to be 'very' Amiga-like from the descriptions with a very Amiga-like OS - have a look at the following links...
While this seems to be entirely independent from the Amiga, it is still surprising how often the name "Amiga" is mentioned on the X68000 pages. Does anybody have any further details or screenshots of what the X68000 is/was?
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Posted by Jofre Furtado on 31-Jan-2000 23:00 GMT
It is an Amiga clone (in a way)... If it runs like the AtariST, which was an early clone of the Amiga when it was first created, then I suppose you could call it that; however, it seems like a clunky version of the machine that IWIN just released (x86 based) that had BeOS I think, Linux, Windows, IwinOS, and Amiga compatibility. I saw them on their website. I believe the link is either http://www.iwin-corp.com or http://www.iwin.com
The Preferred name that I give it is "the Amiga wannabe"- not really worth looking at as a computer, but it is interesting to know, thanks.
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