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[News] Greenboy (Phoenix) interviewedANN.lu
Posted on 02-Feb-2000 08:38 GMT by Christian Kemp29 comments
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John Chandler and Czech publication Amiga Review interviewed Greenboy, the Phoenix "facilitator at large". You can read the first part here, there will be three more parts over the next three weeks.
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Greenboy (Phoenix) interviewed : Comment 20 of 29ANN.lu
Posted by greenboy on 02-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (John Chandler):
As you have noted, John (and to clarify to all): the "sycophant" remark was not aimed at the general public. There were people who went out of their way to place landmines in Phoenix's path early on; these people acted maliciously - perhaps thinking Phoenix a threat to their interests - though Phoenix had no aims to hurt them or their future.
I did not name names, in the interest of proceeding into accord. Because we need to have some general goals in common for *anybody* to best succeed bringing products to market and having a good time of it. But I wished to note that it was not easy to start Phoenix, and that in fact we did have to proceed cautiously. I hoped I had made it clear that only those particular obstructive influences were being referred to.
As to the several remarks about "PR": this was not an exercise in public relations and was not an offical Phoenix announcement that was to go out into the wider world of suits and business. It was a personal interview. As such, I tried to speak candidly and fill people in on the history a bit without sugarcoating.
In a userbase that prides itself on "community" I felt that my honest perceptions were the way to go. And with that, I'll get out of everybody's way and let you all decide at the end of four weeks whether I need further deflating ; }
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