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[News] Greenboy (Phoenix) interviewedANN.lu
Posted on 02-Feb-2000 08:38 GMT by Christian Kemp29 comments
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John Chandler and Czech publication Amiga Review interviewed Greenboy, the Phoenix "facilitator at large". You can read the first part here, there will be three more parts over the next three weeks.
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Greenboy (Phoenix) interviewed : Comment 7 of 29ANN.lu
Posted by Mike on 01-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (OrangeBoy):
>Wow, I'm sure many people here will love to see themselves defined
>"Gatemiga sycophants" just for not having shared some people's
>chronic pessimism at a time when there was no evident reason
>not to trust Amiga Inc.
I didn't interpret greenboy as defining you or anyone in particular as "Gatemiga sycophants". Quoting more, he says, "some ICOA members and other assorted Gatemiga sycophants were quite hostile to our ideas and our presence (probably still are)". That is, some ICOA members, and others were "Gateway sycophants" and were hostile to Phoenix ideas and presence.
By this, I think he is not refering to people who just "trusted them [Gateway]in good faith", but instead to people who "were hostile to Phoenix ideas and presence", just due to the fact that it wasn't Gateway, and didn't buy into Gateway. See tha difference? :)
>How arrogant. These guys still have to work a LOT on Public Relations...
Arrogant? I wouldn't go that far. As your apparent misunderstanding shows though (or do you disagree?), they could stand to be more clear when they speak.
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