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[Rant] Amiga/Elate programs on other platformsANN.lu
Posted on 13-Feb-2000 10:00 GMT by Christian Kemp14 comments
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Troels Ersking sent a mail which might start an interesting discussion. Basically, he's taking the idea of Amiga games shipping with UAE and therefore running on almost all platforms to the next level... Click below to read his opinion and leave any comments you might have. I remember a guy who some time ago suggested to ship new games with WinUAE so that it could be played on every PC and by that way create a larger market for the Amiga developers. Most people (including me) said it was a crazy idea as WinUAE was running to slow/unstable and needed diffrent configs on diffrent systems.

I have been thinking of it for a while now and if the new OS Elate (or whatever it will be called) is stable and fast enough, why not ship all new Amiga software with the "hosted" version of it on the CD (with some auto install software).

Lets say Amiga Corp. gave the hosted version away for free to registered developers (or got a small royalty:-), then developers would suddenly be able to do a real multiplatform program with a huge potential userbase and increased sale.

At the same time we would have more attention at the new native version of Elate/Amiga and hopefully lots of good software.

The basic thing is that (I guess?) Elate is so small that a normal PC owner would not even notice it was installed with this new multiplatform program/game he just bought.

Could this be a way to get Amiga software to sell in large numbers, from the local shop once again??? What do you think?

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