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Posted on 29-Feb-2000 19:36 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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I stopped the poll on how much (if anything) people would be willing to donate for an ad-free ANN because at least one individual used multiple IP addresses to artificially inflate the count. I'm not sure why somebody would do that... I had hoped to be able to gauge how much interest there really was so as to make an adequate decision on what kind of payments to accept, and what kind of income to expect. Since there is no guarantee that I'll be getting an accurate count this way, keeping the poll up wouldn't have been a good idea.
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"Donate" poll removed. : Comment 10 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Dan Newsome on 29-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
I think web polls are very useful - both to product/service providers as well as to the users of their products. Polls, like focus groups, are incredibly important marketing tools. They help people and companies with products and services better understand what their client community is thi nking and what they'll support with their time and money. Polls also help a group (like people associated with the Amiga) to see how the rest of their community weighs in on different decisions and developments that are going on.
However, I think precautions need to be made to limit people to one vote per address as was one that used to be at the New Techniques site (it may still be there). Otherwise, the polling data becomes corrupted and unreliable. Web polls are not the end-all be-all in market analysis - but they can at least help to identify certain trends at a minimal expense.
I wish the polls on ANN were more frequent. Even if there's been no recent news, users can take a look at the current poll and check its status. I would recommend a new poll every week. It's not that hard to come up with questions. Those who are interested can participate. Non-participation on a particular question yields useful data as well. For historical reasons, I'm glad the questions are archived.
If carried out in a professional manner, routine polls will encourage companies to visit the site who want a feeling about what's going on in the community. Depending on the thoughtfulness of the questions, this can only help the Amiga and ANN in the long run.
I suppose ideally I would like to see polls comming directly out of Amiga. This "official" polling would not only communicate to me what they're thinking about (without giving me any critical business information) it would also reassure me that my thoughts and opinions are valued by the bigger wheels. If Amiga don't put together a web-polling mechanism at their new site then I sure hope they visit and read ANN on a regular basis.
If the ANN poll is difficult to maintain, perhaps Amiga could take it over but it would be implemented through ANN and other Amiga news sites. Well, I'm starting to idea-babble.
Take Care,
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