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Posted on 01-Mar-2000 21:24 GMT by Christian Kemp7 comments
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This is an email program using POP3 and SMTP. Requires AmiTCP/IP or Miami, OS V37+ (V2.04), 1 MB free memory
Category: comm/mail
License: Shareware
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Comment 1Fabrice29-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
Comment 2Maxicon01-Mar-2000 23:00 GMT
Comment 3the man in the shadows01-Mar-2000 23:00 GMT
Comment 4Carl Mohlin01-Mar-2000 23:00 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous01-Mar-2000 23:00 GMT
Iris 2.0 : Comment 6 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Maxicon on 01-Mar-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (the man in the shadows):
>IMAP email clients would be great for those that have cablemodem based Amiga
>systems. Twood be an awesome sort though.
Why would having a cable modem make using IMAP any bettter? The whole concept of IMAP seems like a waste of bandwidth to me, unless IMAP is used in a non-internet environment.
#7 Fabrice
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Comment 7Fabrice03-Mar-2000 23:00 GMT
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