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[News] Cloanto Releases Amiga Explorer 3.5ANN.lu
Posted on 12-Mar-2000 17:48 GMT by Christian Kemp19 comments
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Amiga Explorer makes it possible to access the resources of an Amiga computer from one or more Windows systems. Read the full press release below. Amiga Explorer was first released in 1997 as part of the Amiga Forever package. Version 3.5 is the result of years of refinements and feedback, and is now being released as a stand-alone product. This new version includes a revolutionary self-install feature to copy the Amiga side of the software from the PC to the Amiga with no software other than a plain Workbench disk (any version from 1.2 to 3.5 - no internet, no PC filing system, no terminal software required)!

Amiga Explorer makes it possible to access the resources of an Amiga computer from one or more Windows systems. The computers may be physically connected with a "null-modem" serial cable, or via TCP/IP (e.g. Ethernet cards, or over the internet). Configuration is extremely simple and by default requires only one or two mouse clicks on the Windows side.

Unique features of Amiga Explorer include:

  • Automatic installation of the Amiga side through the same serial cable later used by the software itself (no additional software required). Before the release of Amiga Explorer 3.5 this used to be considered an impossible task!
  • - The Windows side can copy to and from the Amiga, and move, rename, delete, format and examine properties of Amiga files, directories and volumes through the familiar Windows Desktop and Explorer interfaces
  • Virtual floppy (ADF), hard disk (HDF) and ROM image files, very useful for archiving and emulation purposes, are created on the fly. ADF files can be both read from and written to Amiga floppy drives.
  • The Amiga side, including the self-installation part, works with all Amiga OS versions from 1.2 to 3.5
  • The Windows side works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 (several other data sharing products do not run on newer versions of Windows!)
Additional information is available on the Amiga Explorer Home Page at http://amigaexplorer.com, where the software is available for immediate download for only $19.95. The sample screenshots on that page include an exclusive preview of GPSoftware's Directory Opus for Windows while it accesses an Amiga through Amiga Explorer!
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