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Posted on 28-Apr-2000 09:20 GMT by Christian Kemp14 comments
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(1) What "accept credit cards and get a cheque" services are reliable? I don't think I could get a real merchant account. (2) Would you buy t-shirts, mugs or mouse mats with ANN logos or other content? (3) If I were to do a sister site to ANN that catered for generic computer news, would you visit? (4) Do you know any Amiga shop or company interested in online (preferably CPM) advertising?
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Comment 1Thomas Jensen27-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
A few questions... : Comment 2 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by John Shepard on 27-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
1. You're not the only one looking for such a service. :-) BuyIt is passable for physical goods (buyit.beseen.com) - if you can shoehorn your products into their slightly weird product system. If ibill.com is still around, they'd be a better match for electronic goods (except for the 15% they take out). Beyond that I think we all just wish the banks would simply let you credit from your card to someone else's checking account, instead of making that big expensive distinction between "people who sell" and "people who buy".
2. They aren't exactly flying off the shelves over on Moo Bunny. But then, your logo actually works well on white shirts, so maybe you'll have better luck selling shirts than I will. As to whether I'd buy such a shirt - I'm out of money right now. :-)
3. The concept is a good one (I'd been planning something similar with Rastport) but the real test is going to be, the audience. My guess: only some of the current ANN readership would frequent it, so it would probably always be the "little brother" to ANN (much like the Moo Bunny General Discussions) - unless you get an influx of non-Amiga readers, which probably means finding sources of news that are fresher than ZDnet and Slashdot in order to compete in the wider space. That's my theory anyway.
4. If I did, they'd already be advertising on Moo Bunny. :-)
A suggestion regarding shirts and merchandise: if you can have a physical presence (or arrange for your wares to have a physical presence) at an Amiga show, you're more likely to catch impulse buys on goods that don't sell well electronically.
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