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Posted on 02-May-2000 19:59 GMT by Christian Kemp24 comments
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Tony Pascoal noticed on amiga-news.de that Be News has a poll that also features the Amiga. The question is The next Operating System I would like to try out soon will be, and one of the possible answers is ElateOS/Amiga. As of right now, 23.90% out of 1433 voters thought the Amiga was their number one choice. When I checked 200 voters earlier, we were still at place #4.
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Posted by bobbie sellers on 02-May-2000 22:00 GMT
About the eventual unity of Elate-TAO-QNX-Neutrino: Those who know
are not permitted to say and those who talk will know very little.
JAVA is being pushed to the users as the next language for Amiga
while the Developers are being told C and C++ for the DevBox.
Linux and QNX share POSIX and TAO needs further development before
it can be up to the requirements for next generation of AmigaDOS
which won't be much like the previous AmigaOSes except in appearance
and maybe organization.
Since TAO can run hosted look for a QNX based system with a TAO
Virtual Processor running the new Amiga OS as front end.
That is just my opinion and have had to read a lot to come up with
the notion which is unconfirmed by any official source.
Have you signed up for the free CD-ROM at http://get.qnx.com/
and while you are there look at the platform requirements and then
review the Amiga Dev Box specs.
As for the poll, I am sure Be is going to base some
important policy on it. (irony intended).
bobbie sellers - (Back to Angband) (voice \/ line) *Team Amiga*
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bliss at global dot california dot com
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