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[News] ElateOS hosted on PPC/xVision by H&PANN.lu
Posted on 09-May-2000 06:46 GMT by Christian Kemp18 comments
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"sutro" quotes this page on Eyetech's server that says: Elate is currently available on a number of processors - including x86 and PowerPC - and is also available as a 'hosted' OS (at about 50% efficiency) under Linux - and this is the environment to be used for the Developer System.. The Blizzard PPC/xVision version still needs some fine tuning - currently being undertaken by Haage & Partner - but is expected to be released in a couple of months. On its release this (PPC/xVision) software will form the main upgrade path for the current 'classic' Amiga user, whilst maintaining compatibility with 680x0-based software.
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ElateOS hosted on PPC/xVision by H&P : Comment 12 of 18ANN.lu
Posted by Jofre Furtado on 09-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Colin Wilson):
Um, hard to imagine- considering that the Intel Celeron is a crap version of the Pentium II processor (i.e. very slow) and the AMD processors easily are faster than the Intel processors altogether. I know- I work on P2's, P3's, P2 Duals, P3 Duals, and I own two AMD K6-2 machines. I owned (temporarily) a Celeron system- and boy, do they suck. I should also mention that the Celeron is limited to a 100MHz front side system bus speed, whereas the AMD's and Pentium 2/3's can go to a 266MHz bus. Internal processing is important, but only to a point where the surrounding hardware will actually output it or even show it to you. Motorola PPC CPU's are also more advanced and faster in multitasking and co-processing capabilities.
Dual Processing is another issue to compare between the CPU's of Motorola and Pentium-classes. Motorola actually develops for it as does the classic and future Amiga OS's, but the Pentium class CPU's have no technology in that area- I mean, two 500 MHz Pentiums/K6's do not equal 1000MHz, but more like 650 at the very most beacause they accelerate each other, not take on seperate processes and cut time in half like PPC CPU's.
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