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[News] ElateOS hosted on PPC/xVision by H&PANN.lu
Posted on 09-May-2000 06:46 GMT by Christian Kemp18 comments
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"sutro" quotes this page on Eyetech's server that says: Elate is currently available on a number of processors - including x86 and PowerPC - and is also available as a 'hosted' OS (at about 50% efficiency) under Linux - and this is the environment to be used for the Developer System.. The Blizzard PPC/xVision version still needs some fine tuning - currently being undertaken by Haage & Partner - but is expected to be released in a couple of months. On its release this (PPC/xVision) software will form the main upgrade path for the current 'classic' Amiga user, whilst maintaining compatibility with 680x0-based software.
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ElateOS hosted on PPC/xVision by H&P : Comment 5 of 18ANN.lu
Posted by Henrik Mikael Kristensen on 08-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Weirdo):
Yeah, I'd sure like to get my hands on that devbox. I have the money for it, so hand it over, will ya'? :-)
My A4000 is a bit tired and the motherboard is acting crazy now and then, so I'm probably not going PPC anyway.
I read some place (can't remember where) that Amiga was planning on four levels of support, where the lowest level permitted you to buy the machine, and the others allowed you to get one or more machines for free and technical support through mailing lists and phone in various degrees if you paid a certain amount of money per year. (the more you paid, the more support you got). It also depended on how many developers you were. There would be no distinction between PC and Amiga developers, i.e. no special offers for current Amiga developers.
Each level had a characteristic name, where the lowest was 'Scout'. Sorry, I can't remember the other three. :-)
Amiga Inc. had that information up on their homepage, but they removed it again.
This is from memory, so correct me if I'm wrong.
#6 Martin Baute
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