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[News] ElateOS hosted on PPC/xVision by H&PANN.lu
Posted on 09-May-2000 06:46 GMT by Christian Kemp18 comments
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"sutro" quotes this page on Eyetech's server that says: Elate is currently available on a number of processors - including x86 and PowerPC - and is also available as a 'hosted' OS (at about 50% efficiency) under Linux - and this is the environment to be used for the Developer System.. The Blizzard PPC/xVision version still needs some fine tuning - currently being undertaken by Haage & Partner - but is expected to be released in a couple of months. On its release this (PPC/xVision) software will form the main upgrade path for the current 'classic' Amiga user, whilst maintaining compatibility with 680x0-based software.
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ElateOS hosted on PPC/xVision by H&P : Comment 6 of 18ANN.lu
Posted by Martin Baute on 08-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Henrik Mikael Kristensen):
Close, but no cigar.
That was page 9 of the Amiga World zine. It was not linked from the
index, and indeed not meant for release because they are still applying
the finish to the developer support system. Thatīs probably why the
dev boxes arenīt out yet - makes sense to bring the support system up
and running before you roll out the dev material (which will most
likely create instant demand for support).
Ah, Iīd consider it a bad idea to bring out the dev system for PPC
Amiga first. While it might look as a good idea for those who already
have one, we want to draw in developers from the outside, donīt we?
Imagine we are successful. Imagine 1000+ developers wanting a PPC Amiga
so they could start coding for the new OS. How many A1200 are left in
stock? How many PPC boards? Do you really want to tell those helping
hands that they have to rip their new A1200 board from the case and do
a tower coversion first? (Of course, it would be a funny sight... ;-) )
#7 Henrik Mikael Kristensen
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