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[News] amiga.com down: explanationANN.lu
Posted on 11-May-2000 08:40 GMT by Christian Kemp8 comments
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Here's the official word from Amiga's Gary Peake on why their server was down over the weekend: The system needed rebooting, the server alarm failed to go off, I had been in an accident and was offline and no phone for about three days and I am who they would have called. This was posted in comp.sys.amiga.misc.
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amiga.com down: explanation : Comment 8 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Henrik Mikael Kristensen on 11-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (MIKE):
I have my homepage hosted at Communitech.net. I've experienced excellent uptime with them, and whenever their Sun servers are down, it's because of service or maintenance (such as physically moving the server to a new location or inserting a new piece of hardware, all which requires a reboot).
I always get a mail from them, when they do that, and it describes their operation in great detail, so you always know what is going on.
I can check the state of the server on which my website resides (CPU temperature, how well different daemons are running, etc.)
I even had my website enabled on a sunday morning at 8 AM. :-)
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