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Posted on 12-May-2000 15:11 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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Matt Sealey writes: The TTF tutorial has been updated, probably for the final time. I've fixed all known bugs, made the offline version better, and improved the layout. There is no new content.
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TTF tutorial : Comment 6 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Neko on 13-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Anonymous):
If you don't appreciate it, then you can go f*ck yourselves, "anonymous".
I provided the tutorial because everyone on the mailing lists and forums I
posted to were crying out for some kind of easy-to-follow, all-in-one
tutorial on how to set up your TTF fonts, and configure them in Voyager,
and maybe IBrowse.
It's beyond most user's attention span to read the ENTIRE ttf.library
Amigaguide, find a Windows machine to unpack the fonts to and then copy them to
their Amigas, and then sort out how the hell the Voyager prefs work:
considering that there are no docs for the last two steps ANYWAY.
As for the Russian site: picture yourself in a few months time when one of the
browsers gets at least rudimentary CSS support and you browse sites using point
and pixel values, em's and en's, and all kinds of screwy ways of defining font
sizes, and your screwy bitmap fonts need to be remade for every point size
known to man to get the site to look nice. I don't think the guy who does the
bitmap fonts has the time or the patience to create 110 bitmaps per font and
iron out the glitches for them. Be damned sure that they'll take up more space
than any one single scalable typeface ever will. Oh, and I don't use the
ISO-8859-2 codepage myself, so half the characters available in the bitmapped
fonts are in the "wrong" places. Go figure.
Plus, you get - and this is the kicker - access to proper Truetype fonts this
way. If you design websites, or do DTP, or use Candy Factory, then all these
novelty fonts as sites such as Kemosabe's FontSource are a boon. And you get to
use a decent - and configurable - codepage as well.
You want a modern, capable, and future-proofed Amiga? Then use my tutorial. You
want to get a quick fix and end up doing more work later with other fonts, and
not reap the extra benefits, then go ahead and be like that.
Don't *ever* say I never did anything for this so-called Community, you
ungrateful c*nts.
#7 John Block
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