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[Rant] AmiJoe / Met@BoxANN.lu
Posted on 19-May-2000 07:17 GMT by Christian Kemp56 comments
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Cybes writes: In an attempt to gain further information regarding the release date of the AmiJoe I have been in contact with a variety of places. Read more below. Blittersoft UK informed me that the units were ready and waiting on Haage & Partner (presumably for a license for the PPC 68k emulator+warpup). Bill Mc Ewen mentioned in a speech a short while back that they were working though with Met@box to lower the cost of the Amijoes to be around the 250$us or so mark by using as many standardized parts as possible. This still left the question of when it would come out so i then contacted met@box themselves, in which their international rep ("Susan") replied: "Please keep an eye on the website. I have no further info at present". Does anyone know anything more on this matter regarding its release?
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AmiJoe / Met@Box : Comment 13 of 56ANN.lu
Posted by Mike on 18-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (Ben Hermans/Hyperion):
-Wake up! The Amijoe hardware is simply NOT finished!
I assume you are refering to the A1200 hardware? What information are you basing that on. The poster you were responding to appears to have it straight from the horses mouth, so unless you can back yourself up with some verifiable sources, you're going to appear to not know what you're talking about.
I've never seen nor heard any verifiable reports of the H&P 68k emulator (that's the one you want them to use, right?) being 1) Complete 2) Faster than current 060's. From the rumors I've heard, it may reach @040 speeds, but it doesn't have the capability to store translated M68k instructions in memory, so it isn't going to get a whole lot faster unless you step up the processor power a HUGE amount, or you start caching instructions.
I would greatly welcome any verifiable information from H&P about these issues, but I doubt they are forthcoming. Common sense dictates that the only reason H&P isn't publishing info about a project they've supposedly devoted significant time to is that 1) The 68k emulation is incomplete and/or 2) it is so slow that they don't dare publish anything about it (in which case, they SHOULD go back and add in instruction caching, if they haven't already).
-And if Metabox is doing their own 68K emulation, I wonder where they suddenly --got the coders from.
There's plenty of them out there :)
-In any case, forget about running any Hyperion games then because most likely --they will introduce yet another PPC kernel.
Why do you say that? Unless you have some info about what they're doing that you'd like to share with us, I don't see any evidence to suggest it will be incompatible with WarpOS or anything else.
#17 Cybes
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