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Posted on 27-Jun-2000 08:50 GMT by Alan Redhouse16 comments
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Eyetech launches Eye-Play - a division dedicated to the publishing and distribution of high end games for the Classic and NG Amiga platforms. Eyetech - recently chosen by Amiga as their partner for the manufacture and distribution of the new DevBox in the UK and Ireland - have launched Eye-Play, a division dedicated to the publication, promotion and distribution of top-end games for the Classic Amiga architecture and, more significantly, for those currently in development which are designed to run under the new Amiga OE.

In launching Eye-Play Group Managing Director, Alan Redhouse, said: "We are very excited about the opportunities that the new Amiga OE offers both to the existing Amiga Community and to the converts it will quickly make from the wider leisure computing world. As with every significant leisure computing platform to date - the Sinclair spectrum of the early 80's, the Classic Amiga of the late 80's/mid 90's and the multimedia PC of the late 90's - great gaming software is what will drive the growth and general acceptance of the Amiga OE as the defacto standard in this market. We therefore strongly believe that good gaming software is going to be essential to the success of the Amiga OE in the end-user market We therefore decided to launch Eye-Play now, well in advance of the end user version of the Amiga OE becoming available."

"As well as teaming up with the best of todays Amiga games developers, we are also keen to help any new games writers make their fortune by using the new Amiga SDK to write for the platform-independant Amiga OE. .

"However no matter how keen we all are to see new Amiga titles, we will apply the same rigourous standards of selection and quality assurance to the Eye-Play titles that has been our hallmark in hardware and serious software distribution. We only intend to distribute software which is both upmarket and, in our opinion, worth the money in terms of delivered quality and gameplay. As this is an area of quality assurance that can really only be evaluated by a dedicated gamer we have taken on a seasoned PC (NVidea2-DDR etc) games player who also has very good Amiga knowledge to run the Eye-Play division"

As well as publishing their works Eyetech have also commited to help out individual developers who are new to the platform by making their Amiga-endorsed EZDev-Plus and EZDev-Tower developer systems available on concessionary terms.

Eyetech are also catering for the lower-spec'd Classic Amiga by making a number of 68x00 classic Amiga games titles and compilations available - mostly for purchase via download only. There will also be also be some freely downloadable Classic games, and download demos of new and 'work-in-progress' titles for both Classic and Amiga OE titles. The Eye-Play websites (eye-play.com, .co.uk, .eu.com) will be open for business from the Eye-Play launch date - 1st July 2000.

Gary Peake who heads up Amigas own Amigatainment support team said "We are delighted that Eyetech - one of Amiga Inc's first partners from the Classic Amiga Community - has decided to endorse the Amiga OE with such enthusiasm. The new Amiga OE will bring tremendous benefits to games developers - both new and established - by delivering truly amazing levels of multimedia performance and binary compatiblity across a wide range of hardware and operating systems. We know Eyetech will bring a great deal of integrity and professionalism to the serious gaming market and their dedicated Eye-Play division will, I know, help spread the word about the Amiga OE and its talented developers to dedicated gamers everywhere and take us a significantly nearer our ultimate goal of the implementation of the total Amiverse vision."


For further details please contact:
Randall P Hughes
VP Sales and Strategic Business Development
AMIGA INC. randy@amiga.com

Alan M Redhouse
Chairman, Eyetech Group Ltd
The Old Bank
12 West Green
North Yorks
Phone: +44 164 271 3185
Fax: +44 164 271 3634
Email: info@eyetech.co.uk

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