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Posted on 19-Jul-2000 14:08 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš7 comments
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Remember InsideOut, the Amiga-on-a-PCI-card project which was developed by Index a few years ago? Mick Tinker has now posted an update on its status on his homepage here. Apparently the card got quite far in development, and Mick might consider finishing it after the BoXeR is out.

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Posted by redrumloa on 18-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Boy does Mick have the Anti-Gravity 'Talk out of both sides of our mouth' syndrome or what? He also mentioned the Siamese guy cashed all the preorder checks? You have got to be kidding me! Talk about a criminal act! This has been dead for how long? Thank god for me not preording anything!!! I came close to on G4 cards, BoXeR, Inside-Out and many others... Luckily before I cut the check each time I had a moment of clarity.
"You have a clogged toilet? Fine prepay me $500 and I will come back some day soon and clear it"
Sound sensible?
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