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[Motd] ANN v2 beta15ANN.lu
Posted on 11-Sep-2000 18:47 GMT by Christian Kemp7 comments
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It's been quite some time since I last wrote a MOTD... This one is supposed to announce beta15 of the scripts, now with a more colorful rating interface (although I'm not entirely satisfied with it yet) and a bugfix that suppresses the "Read More" link for concerned articles in a comment's flat view and shows the entire article instead. Besides that, my life has been changing lately, not always for the better, and I haven't always had the opportunity and motivation to update ANN. Even though Teemu is doing an excellent job, I'd still appreciate an additional moderator or two to increase the number of articles posted on the main page, especially for (but not limited to) the files and/or web section.
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ANN v2 beta15 : Comment 4 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by fudge on 10-Sep-2000 22:00 GMT
Drop the colours on the ratings, as it distracts the eye from the most
important thing on a news site - the news.
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