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Posted on 20-Oct-2000 09:09 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä33 comments
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On this page, Merlancia Systems Engineering Labs (who seem to be affiliated with the Amiga dealer of the same name) announce the Torro series of multimedia computers, all running the new Amiga DE. They include desktops, handhelds, set-top-boxes and whatnot and run on Motorola processors (PPC and Coldfire) and Merlancia's own CPU (?). Make of it what you wish...

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Merlancia announce a series of computers : Comment 33 of 33ANN.lu
Posted by Merlancia Industries on 21-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
Hasty moves are often bad ones. We wanted to do a pre-release on the TORRO website for now so that the Amiga community could get a grip on what is currently in the works. For those that think it is BS, I invite you to set up a private conference with us at COMDEX, or after COMDEX in phoenix. We will have a working prototype of the Hurricane at COMDEX. These systems have been in design for eight months now. The release dates on the Hurricane and the eClipS look like the 2nd Q of 2001 to 3rd Q 2001. The release date of the system also depends on the release of the AmigaDE (Digital Environment) which will be the OS of the TORRO series.
To answer a few questions:
1)TORRO is spelled with two "R"s with intention.
2)The original idea for the Tsunami ad the ApocolipS series was to use the BoXeR logic board. After July, this seemed more hopeless than ever. We have therefore decided to design and produce custom boards based on Motorola/IBM technology. For the Tsunami, we are planning the following features:
Motorola PowerPC 7400 (G4) at 500MHz or faster (fastest available at production time).
Dual processor slots if possible.
Up to 1.5GB+ RAM.
PS/2, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 (Firewire, internal and external).
Other features will have to be determined.
3) We know that the design of the MISEL site is sub-standard. please be aware that it is in "beta" form as of now. We have hired a new web specialist to take care of the MISEL site. The future MISEL site will feature a Flash intro, improved navigation, and a very much needed interface improvement.
4) The logos for the systems are still undergoing small revisions. Much better logos will be online in a week or so.
5) Conceptual sketches and composite drawings will be online shortly as well. We know you are all waiting for this...
6) Please stop the "this is a hoax" threads. Such threads could be considered slanderous and are not true. What do we have to gain by hoaxing the Amiga community? Merlancia Industries has spent enough time dealing with vapour companies. We are not planning on joining them. The only think hoaxing would do is create tension between Merlancia Industries and the Amiga community, thus creating loss of sales and business. We are not planning to do that, by any means.
7) You may e-mail with questions concerning the systems, and suggestions are always appreciated. All we ask, however, is that you do not send an e-mail saying: "When will the TORRO xxx system be available and how much will it cost?".
We will be posting costs when we know the "exact" production cost of the unit. We have no intention of having to change our list price because of an error.
Release dates will be posted in due time, and some have *already* been posted.
8) Merlancia Industries is not a "one man company". Quite the contrary. We have three engineers working on the TORRO series altogether right now, two web designers (merlancia.com and MISEL sites), a new PR handler, and two sales reps. We also have two more in shipping/receiving, thought that is really not anyone's immediate concern or care, if I guess right.
Actually, we are currently looking for Amigans with hardware/software development skills, as we are planning a port of FinalSuite over to AmigaDE as well as an update of FinalSuite for OS3.5/3.9 (No, I have no idea what 3.9 is going to have...sorry...wish I did...).
9) Finally, these systems are not "AmigaOne" systems. They are Merlancia MMC TORRO systems, running the AmigaDE. If Amiga, inc. decides to license us to brand them "Amiga-Anything", then that would be great. We are producing other Amiga merchandising items currently, however.
In closing, we would like to take one more moment of your time to assure you that this is for real. Tens of thousands of dollars have already been spent in the past month on this product series. (We have bank records to prove this...) We are not pumping all this money into a dead end product. At least, i hope we aren't.
Again, thank you for your support to the Amiga platform and community. I am an Amiga user too. I felt the pain and sorrow when CBM died, and Escom Died, and Gateway gave up with all the rest of you. Finally, after all these long six years, it seems that we have a new Amiga system on the horizon. I would like to welcome those that are interested to join the band wagon for the AmigaDE, and those that will stop at 3.3/3.5/3.9, i would like to say that I hope you will change your minds when you actually see what the AmigaDE is all about with your own eyes. We have other products on the drawing board currently that we are not going to announce anytime soon, for fear of another over-reaction like this. Just rest assured, they will rock your world.
Ryan E. A. Czerwinski
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