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[News] YAM goes Open SourceANN.lu
Posted on 24-Oct-2000 19:32 GMT by Christian Kemp12 comments
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Seehund writes: In an announcement on the YAM ML, Marcel Beck said YAM 2.2 will be the last update of YAM provided by himself. Instead, he will be releasing the source code on the YAM homepage. So, hopefully AmigaDE will get a decent e-mail client... ;)
Good and bad news

I've got some important news for you. Let's start with the bad ones:
I decided to stop working on YAM because I don't have the time any more to develop it further, and my interests have shifted to other things.

And now for the good news: YAM goes Open Source! All interested programmers will get the source code of YAM for free. During the next few days I will clean up the source and add some comments. In about one week a final version of "my" YAM will be published (just some small bug fixes). Then the source code of that version will be released at the YAM web site. E-mail support for YAM upto version 2.2 will be continued, of course.

If new versions of YAM become available (for AmigaOS or other operating systems), I'll put them on the YAM web site.

More news soon... stay tuned!
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