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[News] Farewell from CS&EANN.lu
Posted on 29-Oct-2000 18:16 GMT by Christian Kemp5 comments
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David Connolly writes: Maintaining a commercial business in the Amiga market has become increasingly difficult. I don't just mean in terms of the poor sales, but in terms of maintaining professional communication and business relationships. I don't feel I am able to offer a truly professional service for the Amiga as I have failed on both these counts. I have made inproper comments on mailing lists and failed to attract developers to sign for CS&E. As I have made the announcement before that CS&E would leave the classic Amiga but come back for the next generation, it is with regret that I have to say this time the company is leaving the Amiga to concentrate on the PC development. Amiga Survivor will be continuing as a non-profit making magazine through the editorial staff but CS&E will continue to lend a hand in taking orders. I wish the Amiga all the best and will be keeping a very close eye on all the developments as an eager customer.
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