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[News] Final word in the CS&E saga?ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Nov-2000 11:43 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš9 comments
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Amiga-news.de posted this message from Dirk Harlaar: "After the recent news of Crystal Software and Electronics (CS&E) leaving the Amiga market, and the following news that Dirk Harlaar would be the new managing director of CS&E, this news has to be rectified once again. Managing director of CS&E, David Connolly, has decided to stay managing director of his company. However, CS&E will no longer be active in the Amiga market. A new company has been founded, Survivor Org., which has gotten the rights to any Amiga publications CS&E had. Managing director of this company is Dirk Harlaar. (And this is the final, true news). Survivor Org. will focus on Amiga software, and we hope to bring you more news about forthcoming releases soon. Please understand that this new company is still in the very early days. We do have some games signed up already, but it is much to early to say anything about them yet. Cosmos Fun Class, the educational program that "came with the inventory of CS&E" will be released shortly by Survivor Org."

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