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[News] AmigaOS 3.9 specsANN.lu
Posted on 10-Nov-2000 08:07 GMT by Christian Kemp27 comments
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Andrzej J. Debicki says that eXec (Polish Amiga Magazine) noticed there's an official AmigaOS 3.9 page at Haage&Partner.
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Comment 14the man in the shadows09-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
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Comment 19its about time09-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
AmigaOS 3.9 specs : Comment 20 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by the man in the shadows on 09-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (Xerxes):
> OK, everything sure sounds nice. But look at the extremely
> over-sized CD player! Not only is it ugly but it will take
> up half my screen. I guess it uses skins, but make something
> better please...
There's something that I don't understand. With AmigaAMP and Amplifier being out as long as they have been, you would think that someone would use one of the many CDPlayer routines that are out there which would effectively eliminate the need for the skinned player (if it is skinnable that is). I like the latest beta 8 of AmigaAMP and will prolly continue to use that until something better of his comes out. I've been thoroughly impressed with it.
> BTW, is anyone actually using their miggys as a CD player?
> I doubt it, everyone's got a DVD-player nowadays...
I don't know about DVD-players, but I'm up with the MP3 DJing thing... I've got a 10GB drive on my miggy devoted to nothing but MP3 files. Let the RIAA cry about it... they've already lost no matter how hard they push.
As far as creating my own "darker" patterns, someone already has a whole set of REALLY good ones on the Aminet, so why double someone else's efforts?
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