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[News] AmigaOS 3.9 specsANN.lu
Posted on 10-Nov-2000 08:07 GMT by Christian Kemp27 comments
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Andrzej J. Debicki says that eXec (Polish Amiga Magazine) noticed there's an official AmigaOS 3.9 page at Haage&Partner.
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AmigaOS 3.9 specs : Comment 8 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by John Doe on 09-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
To all the GUI-whiners:
I think they've made it clear that they won't change the
window gadgets or the windows borders, as it would break
some programs, probably older ones. Remember, this is an OS
we are talking about. Not your own tweaked super-WB...
But do I agree something like SysIHack, should at the least
be included...
Regarding RTA, Amplifier seems to be included. Does this mean
it will support AHI? Or only Paula... AHI is already the de
facto sound standard, so why not make a damn Reaction prefs for
it and say it's the RTA... Would stop whiners, I guess.. ;)
Looking at the specs, it sure sounds up-lifting. This was probably
the feature-laden update everybody expected for OS3.5, but didn't
get. I see lots of Stephan Rupprecht tools included.
Let's hope they've included all their juicy stability and reliability
bug fixers, that were missed in OS3.5.
My main impression: it's great they collected everything you need on
one CD so you don't have to fool around and tweak yourself...
#10 Olivier Fabre #14 the man in the shadows
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