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[News] More Amiga-coverage in the pressANN.lu
Posted on 10-Nov-2000 14:27 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš5 comments
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More Amiga-coverage in the press : Comment 4 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by db on 10-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
Being a Commodore user since the C64 days,then to the amiga - i don't think the amiga has had this much attention since it was first released.
Why i think this is because a club i go to has lost many users over the years(since commodore went belly up),last year in fact it was only me and another guy going.But now over these few weeks loads of people have started coming back,getting there old A1200,A500 from the loft and reusing them,maybe because they are bored of the PC or they know deep down the Amiga DE will be a success and want to get back in the scene.
Anyway thats my thoughts on this subject.
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