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[News] : individual Computers at the Gateway Amiga show 2001ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Mar-2001 09:21 GMT by Christophe Decanini10 comments
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From Individual Computers website: Just as last year, individual Computers will be present at this year's Gateway Amiga show in St. Louis. In addition to the known products, the prototype of the brand new VarIO Zorro-board will be presented. It replaces the totally sold-out Hypercom Zorro boards with some revolutionary new features. A new software system by Thore Böckelmann that replaces HyperIO and the silversurfer.device, gives new functions also for users who already own a Silversurfer or a Goldsurfer. In cooperation with Cloanto Software, the vendor of the "Amiga Forever" emulator, we'll show the Catweasel ISA controller that lets you read your Amiga disks with a PC. Further, there will be a class about Zorro-2 hardwaredesign on friday, march 30th. It is meant for beginners and advanced hardware designers.
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Posted by Federico Stein on 25-Mar-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Solar (BAUD)):
Yes, I have to agree... In some technological decisions, I find that that the (our :) Amiga community & Amiga Inc. lacks of some "vision" if you like to call it like these.
I mean, not to start a flame war, nor to criticize something about I do not know every detail but, for example, why start with a matrox video card, when in the market, the only growing and eating-the-competition company is nvidia? (Ok, perhaps has something to be to the close relationship with micro$oft... :) Not to mention how more advanced the nvidia cards are...
I had bought the SDK, I'm trying to do something productive, but my point is that I'm not always happy with the "I-want-to-stay-with-things-that-in-that-moment-were-cool" attitude that don't let them realize that *just perhaps*, that "thing" was made obsolete (or at least that there is something to replace it with a more modern approach).
Just my 2 cents...
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