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Posted on 01-Apr-2001 10:41 GMT by Christian Kemp49 comments
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Fleecy writes: AmigaOS4 will only run on hardware that conforms to the zico specification - currently that is the Eyetech AmigaOne (which also offers full backwards compatibility with AA chipset access applications) and the bPlan AmigaOne, which will run AmigaOS4 apps and older apps which use retargetable coding. We look forwards to other Amiga hardware companies developing zico based solutions and are actively talking to them.
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Explanations from Fleecy, part 2 : Comment 33 of 49ANN.lu
Posted by Graham on 01-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 30 (Amifan):
> We are talkin about cpu's with a total of more then 10 GIPS cpu power
> (motorola likes to call them 10 giga multimedia instructions per second).
Shame that only applies in certain situations. However the PPC architecture whoops all over the x86. However, AMD and Intel are ramping up the clockspeeds (2GHz by the end of this year), and brute force is leaving all elegance behind. How can a 1GHz G4 compete, honestly? Especially when the price is taken into consideration.
Luckily, people don't need a 2GHz CPU in general.
> What about AGP?
'bout friggin time. I hope it is AGP 4x.
> 64 bit 133Mhz (but only usable as 100Mhz) SDRAM
Catching up with the abandoned technology in the PC arena. DDR is modern. However, the PPC won't be able to take advantage of it properly yet, so no great loss. There need to be better PPC bridge chips really. the IBM CPC710 is nice (dual CPU support!, shame that the OS won't support it until Amiga OS 5.0).
> UDMA66 IDE.....we are talking about 20mb/sec at least (try to reach that with > a Powerflyer)
UDMA100 is standard now. IDE RAID is common. The AmigaOne is way beyond the old Amiga, but behind the current PC market technology wise. This is fine if it reduces costs significantly, but I doubt it will.
Nice. What about USB2? Firewire? Both were promised, but support will only appear in Amiga OS4.2 (what about 4.1? 4.3 and 4.4? Strange version numbering again...)
> 6 (!) pci slots.....
Standard on PCs these days. At least there isn't an AMR slot!
> and last but not least....a CPU slot, just like th old commodore days...not a
> soldered CPU, but upgradable....
Good. However, surely a socketable processor would be the best solution - it reduces costs. I do not know if IBM or Motorola are making standard PGA CPUs though, only BGA which require surface mounting, hence the requirement for pop in cards. At least L3 cache can be added, which will make up for only having PC100 memory. Also dual CPU cards might be a possibility.
Erk, that came out very negative - it wasn't meant to be.
#34 Graham #37 Anonymous
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