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[News] Gary Peake: Here is what we are doing and whyANN.lu
Posted on 03-Apr-2001 10:13 GMT by Christian Kemp10 comments
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Gary Peake also posted a lenghty explanation on what Amiga Inc's strategy is (Here is what we are doing and why.)
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Gary Peake: Here is what we are doing and why : Comment 8 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Dave B on 04-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (tar):
This all reminds me vaguely of reading about the original birth of the Amiga from Hi-Torro. Its a console, no! its a games machine, no! its a proper computer etc. etc.
Amiga will eventually find their path and their business plans will have to evolve along with the market. Even Microsoft are using other devices now to get people with no interest in owning a computer to buy one by stealth (X-box anyone?)
We'll see something cool in the end, the question isn't Amiga's technical competence, as always it's their business sense.
People outside of the Amiga community MUST want to buy in, otherwise there's no point in any of their current efforts. In fact if Amiga want to build a sucessful market, die-hards like ourselves are best ignored. We're in the same phase as the original Amiga team was trying to create a desirable product _with a real use_ for the home market. They just had fewer back seat drivers....
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