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[Rant] Former 'killer' Amiga applicationsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Apr-2001 00:44 GMT by Christian Kemp34 comments
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RedPencil writes: "Only 5 years ago there were all sorts of high-class applications for AmigaOS. Now it seems, all the work and techniques in these applications is just sitting in these software companies archives." The odds are that development work on these programs will never be restarted, so it seems a total waste for the source code to be just sitting there. The software companies won't make any money out of it any more.

I know this idea has been banded around before but nothing has come of it, it'd be cool if we lobbied these companies to release their source code to the Amiga community, where perhaps some developers can start to improve and continue work on these great programs.

I am talking about things like Wordworth, SAS/C, Imagine, Cinema 4D, Maxon C++, Final Writer.... all the great programs that made the Amiga great as a serious computer. If AmigaOS 4.0 and above is to survive we need applications - and there are tonnes of them sitting around gathering dust... if only we could persuade some software companies to release them then it would give AmigaOS 4 (and AROS and MorphOS) and really good flying start!

What does everyone else think?

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Former 'killer' Amiga applications : Comment 1 of 34ANN.lu
Posted by dennis on 14-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
What about drawstudio as well?
for the most part though i dont think many companies on any platform have ever been interested in open source software - games companies have been the most interesting with the number of games whose source has been opened up.
when it comes to apps. i would be happier with people porting the various gnu software. for my part i am only starting out with c/c++ and so i want to look at stuff thats comandline based or has a minimal gui and port those when i am able just for fun.
anyways we have new apps that could do with support like photogenics for example and ideally have NEW progs made for the future using Rebol for example and taking advantage of the concept of distributed computing, tao`s vp and java -be risky & new to be revolutionary not the same old clones
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