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[Files] Genetic Species released for FreeANN.lu
Posted on 28-Jun-2001 10:52 GMT by Christian Kemp12 comments
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Torsk wrote: Developer Marble Eyes and publisher Vulcan has decided to release its' 3D-shooter Genetic Species for free. Download it from Aminet and frag away!
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Genetic Species released for Free : Comment 1 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Mikey C on 27-Jun-2001 22:00 GMT
Don't forget look through the Aminet for a couple of Patches that will enhance the game.
- I think there is a graphics speed up patch for starters.
Anyhow Genetic Species is a great game. It may not be technically impressive, compared
to Doom or even Quake,
but it has it's own good bits. The Spiders give me the creeps (shudder).
#2 Anonymous
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