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[News] Merlancia Announces Strategic Alliance with 'individual Computers'ANN.lu
Posted on 29-Jun-2001 12:02 GMT by Christian Kemp19 comments
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Merlancia Industries wrote: Merlancia Announces strategic alliance with 'individual Computers' for the design of 'CLeo' circuitry...
Merlancia Press Release #MMC29062K1


29th June 2001

Merlancia Industries
3516A West Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85029 USA

1-877-53-AMIGA | ++1 602-789-0956
http://www.merlancia.com | merlancia@merlancia.com
individual Computers -Jens Schönfeld
http://www.jschoenfeld.de | jens@jschoenfeld.de

'Merlancia Industries' Announces Startegic Alliance with 'indiuvidual Computers'

Merlancia Industries is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with 'individual Computers'; to design a controller device that will be utilised on our Torro series systems.

The device, a custom chip controller, named 'CLeo' will be available as an add-on kit for the Pilot release systems (to be included with all systems shipping after it's release, and to be sent to all developer systems sold before-hand).

The 'CLeo" custom device is based on technology first implemented in individual Computers' 'CatWeasel' disc controller, and will allow the reading and writing of Amiga native disc formats (880k and 1760k) on our Tsunami system as well as future directives. Other formats will be supported as well including PC-DOS, and Macintosh-HFS.

We expect to have a prototype of this design at AmiWest Conference (28th to 29th July 2001- Sacramento, CA; USA) as well as our prototype Pilot system.

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