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Posted on 04-Jul-2001 10:27 GMT by Christian Kemp24 comments
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sauro wrote: From Apex-Design web site: One new and one updated city are now available for Payback in the Extra Maps section. Also, the PPC upgrade is taking longer than expected because I'm trying to make sure it uses all the available CPU power. I don't expect to release it for another month but I hope you'll agree that the wait was worth it when it finally is ready.
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Posted by M.Andersson on 04-Jul-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Kent Seaton):
Well, I can compare (and I did) Payback with my PIII Dell Inspiron 5000 (laptop if anyone wonders) and my A4000/604-233/060-50/CVPPC and 8.16revX (don't remember now if it was 2, 3 or 4).
I also showed some friends the result on a LAN the ACG (Amiga Computer Group) in Sweden had just the last weekend (well it wasn't my a4000 that time but the ACG a4000T with the same setup).
The result was that in 800x600 the WinUAE was way faster then the 060 in 640x480 (well it slowed down periodicaly everry other second for just an eyeblink, but was never down in framerate as the 060, guess the JIT does something periodicaly). I may ad that the laptop are using WB3.5 with P96.
I have used the WB3.5 for some time on the laptop (makes it usable?) and found that it can do what I want it to do. And most of the time faster than my a4000. Well, I rather sit by my a4000 but saying that the WinUAE is near useless I must disagree. When it comes to raw computing power the Sysinfo shows that my laptop makes 160MIPS! I know that a program like that can't be used for meassuring the speed for live usage, but it shows that it can do math very good.
My point is that a good PC can run some Amiga software faster than any 68k Amiga can. If I get time I will install Quake and then do a timedemo to test the speed compared to the 060. It would be interesting to see the result.
Nothing is like the real thing, but if you don't have it, try UAE (with JIT) and you can get close! Well, it doesn't hurt trying anyway!
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