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(Before someone again complains that I'm sharing my opinion "everywhere": I just decided to paste here what I wrote in comp.sys.amiga.misc because of Christian's call for articles.)
The article contains quick and dirty translations of comments made yesterday and today by Mr. Haage and Ralph Schmidt at amiga-news.de, since I thought non-german-speakers might be interested in this, too. Newsgroup-article #1:

To try to compensate at least a little bit the advantages of those Amigans who speak German (and therefore often get easier to rumours, facts, etc., because of the importance of german companies and individuals for the Amiga-market), I thought it might be useful to translate a few statements made at amiga-news.de today.

While Eyetech and H&P accuse each other for the A1/AOS4-delays (one says the hardware is missing, one says the OS4 is missing), Mr. Haage made (among others) the following comments (no warranty for the translation!):

[Mr. Haage (H) comments some rumours (R)]

H: "The interest in OS4.0 we have NEVER lost. But we've never been and are not convinced of the profitability of the project if the concepts won't be changed."

R: "They (H&P) are just the executing organ, all decisions are made by Amiga Inc."

H: "Correct. [...]"

R: "Amiga Inc. displays regarding Communication with their partners "certain" deficits."

H: "Deficits is nicely said. But it's correct!"

R: "Failing to come / insufficient payments from Amiga Inc."

H: "Before payments could be made, contracts have to be made. That far, however, we aren't yet. Regarding which I clearly want to emphasize that WE do not delay."


H: "To be able to be partners to an agreement, one needs contracts - and that is not Amiga Inc.'s strong point."

[Another comment from Mr. Haage]

R: "Is the date told by Alan Redhouse [Eyetech] for the completion of OS4.0 ("november, but probably not the 1st") possible in your opinion?"

H: "Only if it would be right now possible to work towards that date. But the conditions for this don't exist. Maybe a wonder happens, but I don't expect it."

No wonder that those like me, who've been suspicious regarding AI in favour of MorphOS/Pegasos for some time already, unfortunately feel confirmed more and more. Also no wonder that Ralph Schmidt is enjoying this soap opera from AI, H&P and Eyetech, his first comment has been the one quoted as the subject: "party on:-)".

So, after translating Mr. Haage's point of view, I'll also think I should quote from one of Ralph's comments, too. He (RS) answers to a comment by Mr. Haage (JH):

JH: "In an exclusive x86 AmigaOS version we aren't interested."

RS: "No? :-) Do you think we don't get what you proposed internally already in August? :-)"


RS: "As you've been also told already by a person from Amiga Inc. some monthes ago... you have no future as Amiga OS vendor."

My personal guess is that the main problem seems to be Amiga Inc., i.e. especially their lack of money. So after them already given up on their plans regarding DE being their future OS many monthes ago, it seems their plan to survive as a content vendor for PDAs seems to be not that successful, too (Alan Redhouse, too, does confirm in his statement that AI still has the already known financial problems). If companies like H&P do speak that way about AI already in the public as Mr. Haage did today at amiga-news.de (I just translated a little bit of it), I exprect the worst regarding AI's future.

Therefore it really seems the Amiga-market's future might be just those two ones Ralph outlined: an emulation-based x86 one by H&P and the PPC one covered by MorphOS.


Newsgroup-article #2:

Some "second helping" - the "party" goes on:

(Again no warranty for the 'quick and dirty' translation.)

Michael Garlich (Titan Computer) in reply to Mr. Haage:

"You should restrain yourself on your statements against Mr. Schmidt! Only you are to blame for the current situation - if you had actually shown your much propagated readiness for cooperation last year in september, it would not have been come that far. Despite all adverse things Mr. Schmidt contrary to you had been willing to cooperate under leadership of Amiga Inc. !!!"

And another reply by Ralph to Mr. Haage:

"[...] You operate on other levels which the normal user doesn't notice. (dealers, influence on Amiga Inc., threats with licences, internal mailing lists, influence on a certain person and a certain company)"


Newsgroup-article #3:

I think balance requires me to continue the translation at least one more time, i.e. especially regarding the repeated offer below by Mr. Haage to try to come to a cooperation. Of course everyone draws his own conclusions, H&P-fans may say "didn't I tell you, just Ralph is the bad guy" (although there's on the other hand the, today repeated, version by for example Mr. Garlich who said that Mr. Haage would have prevented exactly this last year), while the other side may say he's just lying or trying another trick. My personal conclusion is that Mr. Haage may just get cold feet because of the apparently very bad financial situation at AI and its consequences for another Amiga-PPC-future besides MorphOS.

Well, here again some quick and dirty translations from the very same thread of comments at amiga-news.de as before; again, no warranty.

1. Mr. Haage:

He suggests to accept an invitation made partly humorously by amiga-news.de's Petra Struck to Mr. Haage and Ralph to meet at her home for a dinner and try to come to an agreement.

(But Ralph did already say in a comment before he'd never again cooperate with Mr. Haage, because of the well-known history and because H&P would just have nothing to offer that would be of interest for the bplan/Morphos-crew. (Although I think Ralph underestimates the value of "the name", but on the other hand I don't know how much, if any, influence H&P has regarding this.))

2. Ralph:

(It has been said before that by saying H&P (and Hyperion) would have nothing to offer the MorphOS-team could be interested in, they would cut out "StormC4, Arteffect, Genesis, Olsen's TCP/IP Stack, OS 3.9 licences" and Hyperion's products.)

" 1) We have with the PPC-MorphOS-GCC our own development system, [...].
2) I wouldn't know what's that unique with ArtEffect. [...]
3) Genesis is a GUI surface and the TCP/IP stack belongs to Tomi Ollila, which we do also have as a PPC version.
4) Olsen's TCP/IP stack is controlled by Olsen and nobody else. And we do have a *very* good relationship with Olaf.
5) Amiga users do already own 3.1, 3.5 or 3.9 and it's left up to them of they continue to use it until a completely new WB exists.
6) MorphOS as AmigaOS 4.x was massively opposed by Hyperion since november 2000 and in summer it was said that they'd never would be porting Warp3d to MorphOS, when Amiga Inc. suggested them this. This decision is left up to them for what they want to develop something... The consequence is just that they don't play any role in our plans. Therefore we plan an own 3D solution. Warp3d is only that long important as new games support it.
9) As I said already... H&P are free to offer their applications for MorphOS also. *We* won't hinder anyone from developing applications for MorphOS. SDKs from us always will be free.
10) With Papyrus we'll have a real office-package with word-processor."

3. Mr. Haage:

Replying to the comment by Mr. Garlich (see earlier in this thread), Mr. Haage says he wouldn't know about what Mr. Garlich would be speaking.

4. Ralph:

(He was asked if Nova Design or Paul Nolan would have announced support for MorphOS already.)

"We have also spoken with Kermit Woodal several times. Since he's also closely related with Merlancia, there are certainly possibilities. :-) Paul Nolan does have a key and a development system since last year... [...]"
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