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[News] AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10.ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Oct-2001 10:17 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä54 comments
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Haage & Partner announce: "Sales of AmigaOS XL started on Thursday, the 18.10. The delivery of the pre-orders will last until the end of the week. Thank you very much for your understanding. Last weekend the new version was introduced and sold at Pianeta 2001 in Empoli (Italy)."
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AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10. : Comment 20 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by Bill Hoggett on 24-Oct-2001 20:41 GMT
In reply to Comment 17 (redrumloa):
> Payback w/update 5-Warp3D:Requires real Amiga with 3D GFX card. I own it,
> if you don't go buy it now. Don't tell me there are no quality original
> software titles for the Amiga.
In terms of games there are very few. Even though Payback is an original title, it is not an original game design (being a clone of GTA). But yes it seems a good enough game, and if it was my type of game I'd buy it.
> And guess what? If the complainers would open their eyes and buy quality
> original software(oh I forgot the compainers dont actually own a Amiga),
> then we would see more quality original titles. James Daniels may be making
> more original titles if Payback sells enough.
Sorry, I did in fact complain, that's true. But if you think I don't own an Amiga (and I mean a fully qualified genuine Amiga) you are wrong. You are equally wrong if you think I don't own Amiga software. However one or two decent original games a year will not be enough to sustain a market.
> Freespace:Requires real Amiga with Warp3D.
No, it doesn't. Hyperion's statement is based on 060+3D card (software renderer on 060 is too slow) or PPC with or without 3D. In fact Freespace runs on both AmigaXL and Amithlon (using the software renderer), most likely at a decent speed as the emulated 68k has more processing power than the BPPC and CSPPC of today. However, this is not acknowledged on Hyperion's requirements as they don't recognise the existence of AmigaOS XL as a viable platform.
> Don't tell me Hyperion does BAD PORTS. They do GOOD ports for people who
> actually use their amigas, i will be buying it. I'm curious to see how it
> performs on my 060/75 w/Voodoo3.
They do good OLD ports, and that's why those ports can't compete with the Windows versions which by then have become dirt cheap. Whose fault is that?
#22 Alkis Tsapanidis
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