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[News] AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10.ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Oct-2001 10:17 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä54 comments
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Haage & Partner announce: "Sales of AmigaOS XL started on Thursday, the 18.10. The delivery of the pre-orders will last until the end of the week. Thank you very much for your understanding. Last weekend the new version was introduced and sold at Pianeta 2001 in Empoli (Italy)."
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AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10. : Comment 32 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by Jürgen Lange on 25-Oct-2001 02:18 GMT
In reply to Comment 25 (Frank Livadaros):
> Additionally, it is more than obvious (and sensible) that most
> (i.e. 99%) of Amithlon users will also run another OS on their
> machine, which in most cases will be Windows.
I'll run Linux on the same mashine because of the lack of some apps for my busyness. For the same reason I've bought a x86 PC some months ago.
> Why should I believe that any of those people would wait for the
> Amiga version of a program when they can have a PC version sooner
> and cheaper due to economies of scale? (some people from Hyperion
> have already talked about that in another thread)
The Hyperion people aren't right. AmigaOS or MorphOS will always compete with Windows/Linux/other OSs. If I want to use AmigaOS 4.0 or MorphOS, I have to buy new Hardware AND a new OS. One example: I've bought a new x86 PC (with an outdated AMD K6-II, 256MB RAM, NVIDEA TNT2 64, sound on board) plus Suse Linux for 450 USD. I've got two office packages and two browsers with my Linux and a lot of other software, too. And I'm able to buy quality software for this system.
> What makes anyone believe that any sensible software developer
> that has to make a living out of his products would devote
> money and time to develop anything for Amiga running on Amithlon
> while he can write stuff for another OS (ie Windows) that will run
> on the *same* hardware as Amithlon and which provides better
> development tools and a vastly larger user base?
What makes you believe that a software developer buying an AmigaONE or a Pegasos will be able to make a living out of his products? The people using this machines will use pirated software and they will not have money for software because all their money went into hardware. AND NOTE: Most of this people NEED a second computer for their busyness (which will be a x86 PC or an Apple)
> How hardcore and fanaticized does one have to be in order not to
> install Windows on his AMD/Intel machine and wait for an Amithlon
> version of the same software or just *ignore* some good software
> on the Windows platform because he wants to use Workbench instead?
How hardcore does one have to be to use an Amiga? I'm using an A4000 because I like the OS and the application software I've bought. In 1999 I was able to buy software for 700 USD at the Amiga fair in Cologne, in 2000 I brought my money back home because there wasn't that much new software.
> Anyone developing for the Amithlon (supposing it's the only Amiga
> around) is actually competing with the big companies in the PC market
> because most Amithlon users will use a PC OS as well (unless they're
> extreme fanatics). Most developers left in the Amiga are still on this
> platform not only because they like the Amiga environment (which I do
> understand) but also because in the Amiga market they can have larger
> profit margins than in the PC market. Not to mention of course, that
> in the PC market most of them wouldn't last a month and would have to
> get a job in somebody else's company.
Developers will always compete. There is no Amiga World!
> Amithlon is something that I will definately use so that I can have
> a portable (classic as they say) Amiga, to run the software that I
> already run on my Amigas.
I'll run Amithlon on my desktop. I've got a call from Haage & Partner yesterday that I can fetch my AmigaOS XL.
> This though is not a viable evolutionary path since I will definately
> not wait for anyone to release e.g. Warcraft3 of Word on the Amithlon
> so that I can say that I'm running it on Workbench, while I can dual
> boot the system to Windows (although I do not like Windows as an OS).
> Think of it the other way around as well. I did not run Lotus123 on
> Transformer or PCTask because I had native programs (Procalc and
> Turbocalc) that were so much better.
Lotus 123 and Excel have changed but Procalc and Turbocalc haven't. They are outdated. But I'm still using Turbocalc.
> On the other hand, Amiga-specific hardware like the Pegasos or the
> AmigaOne (yes, I know they use PC parts but they cannot run Windows,
> can they) is a guarantee for the software developer that he will not
> be competing with the big Wintel software companies and that he can
> play in his small or medium sized pond (like the Amiga market used to
> be in 1988-1993; Now it's not even a glass of water). This is the only
> way the Amiga developers can survive (after they re-appear that is) and
> the only way we can get some decent *original* (not conversions)
> software like we used to a few years ago.
What do you know about the Amiga market in 1988-1993? In those days millions of Amigas were sold. The new Amiga market (PPC Amiga market) will be much smaller than the old one (68k Amiga market) today. Most Amiga developers are 68k developers. First class PPC software is hard to find. And why should developers re-appear. Open your eyes. Those developer are using a x86 PC or a Mac today...
> The same goes for all those Macintosh companies.
For the Mac you'll find MS Office and, hello, you are in the real world ;-).
But there IS a market. And there are applications and there are first class applications companies are using!
Anyhow, the Amithlon/AmigaXL is a good idea for anyone who wants to run
(classic) Amiga stuff, but just that.
The future will show.
> The AmigaOne and Pegasos is our chance to break free of hacked PPC
> boards, aging motherboards and out-of-production chips
I agree
> and to see some innovative people returning to the market since they'll
> be able to make money out of it.
I disagree
> Anyone who does not accept the fact that most of the software is still
> being pirated, is just voluntarily being blind or lives in an ivory
> tower.
If this is true, you will have sales of 2-300 copies for this new PPC OS software. You want to make a living?
#48 Anonymous
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