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[News] AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10.ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Oct-2001 10:17 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä54 comments
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Haage & Partner announce: "Sales of AmigaOS XL started on Thursday, the 18.10. The delivery of the pre-orders will last until the end of the week. Thank you very much for your understanding. Last weekend the new version was introduced and sold at Pianeta 2001 in Empoli (Italy)."
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AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10. : Comment 34 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by EyeAm on 25-Oct-2001 03:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Alkis Tsapanidis):
Regarding Alkis' comments:
"AmigaOS XL - The death of all commercial Amiga development, and HW
development. The death of the Amiga... Now more and more people will
screw their plans for getting an AmigaONE or Pegasos and go this way..
If this thing stops enough people from buying Amiga HW, overpriced or
not, and PC ports, good or not, then... bye bye Amiga..."
This is not the death of the Amiga--it's already died more times than Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers put together! :) This is what Amiga has needed for a LONG time. And, even though these are emulators, Bill McEwen already stated that they are porting Amiga OS to x86 architecture so it will then run natively on regular, off-the-shelf PC hardware. Amiga is becoming the Amiga PC, and since they are no longer doing hardware, it makes perfect sense. No overhead regarding hardware, they can focus more on the OS and drivers for the most popular and technically superior graphics and audio cards. Cheaper hardware will translate to more sales of software titles to Amigans, who would have otherwise spent most or all their money just to get a machine in the first place.
We don't need the high prices, anymore, haunting and dooming Amiga like a ghost from the past. Even Merlancia could more quickly put together off-the-shelf hardware and ship machines installed with Amiga OS, rather than to try and sell a 'few' to a very niche market...leaving the rest out in the cold because they couldn't afford a high-priced machine AND the software they want or need. Again, Amiga is a software company.
Mick Tinker could convert the BoXeR to utilize an AMD cpu, get with Merlancia even, pop a Catweasel card into the ISA slot, an Amiga OS running native on x86 (with emulation of the Classic Amiga programs) Matrox 550 PCI video card, Creative Labs Soundblaster audio card, and have the beginnings of a new flagship sanctioned by the parent company. That's one idea; surely, there are other combinations and ideas floating about that would work.
For those hellbent on PPC, make it the 'high-end Amiga'. ;) Then let's see which one sells more.
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