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[News] AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10.ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Oct-2001 10:17 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä54 comments
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Haage & Partner announce: "Sales of AmigaOS XL started on Thursday, the 18.10. The delivery of the pre-orders will last until the end of the week. Thank you very much for your understanding. Last weekend the new version was introduced and sold at Pianeta 2001 in Empoli (Italy)."
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AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10. : Comment 42 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by Dave on 25-Oct-2001 06:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 22 (Alkis Tsapanidis):
What a backward statement. OK so I cant use Amiathlon or XL because if I do so Im not supporting the Amiga?
1) Im buying because I used to use UAE to run on my laptop an Amiga system for development purposes ( and to show the Amiga desktop to the masses rather than just talk about it ). So I cant have a faster system because of some kind of weird betrayal in your eyes. Just cos you say it means it must be true. This is the computing industry not a religious faith.
2) Buying a PC and running AmigaDE, course that MUST be a betrayal. Makes me a full blown PC user NOT an Amiga user??? I bet you $1000 that I know more about the Amiga than you do, use it more, know its flaws and at least accept it needs a rewrite.
3) I suppose Im also betraying the Amiga by having a Mediator, PCI based TV card, Sound card, GFX card, Network card? I must have betrayed the Amiga by buying a Blizzard PPC, any third party expansion like my Zorro-II slots and my Picasso IV! Oh NO Ive got an IBM hard disk in my Amiga! Im an evil betrayer!!!!!
I heard trash like most of the comments above when Amiga Forever came out, UAE even! Ive heard the same people claim that the Amiga is about the hardware, the software, the OS, the community. Make up your damn minds!
Ive heard trash written about 500MHz PPCs being slow, these are marketing peoples dreams - course MHz is an important factor in computing power rather than the architecture of the system. Im amazed an Amiga 500 even boots then!
If you are going to open your mouth and let Mr Hankey out at least live a few years in "Reality" first, learn about a few of the systems you are all so keen to slag off or are you frightened you might actually like them?
To many people are left in the Amiga community with little or no knowledge of computing, overzealous opinions and over simplified views.
Im running 'Athlon or XL on my laptop whether you like it or not so grow up!
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Comment 43Mika Hanhijärvi25-Oct-2001 06:52 GMT
Comment 44Dave25-Oct-2001 06:56 GMT
Comment 45Dave25-Oct-2001 07:00 GMT
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Comment 47Dave25-Oct-2001 07:02 GMT
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Comment 50Dave25-Oct-2001 11:08 GMT
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