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[News] Oliver Wagner InterviewANN.lu
Posted on 08-Nov-2001 09:53 GMT by Christian Kemp12 comments
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Andreas Magerl wrote: "The german printmag Amiga Future released today on the AF-Page a german and english Interview with Oliver Wagner. The englisch Interview found you in the english part from the page."
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Comment 1Solar (BAUD)08-Nov-2001 10:09 GMT
Comment 2Solar (BAUD)08-Nov-2001 10:09 GMT
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Comment 5David Scheibler08-Nov-2001 12:41 GMT
Oliver Wagner Interview : Comment 6 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Graham on 08-Nov-2001 12:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Solar (BAUD)):
Go on then, spill the beans.
What are the other supported platforms? Apart from AmigaOS 3.x/MorphOS
You can trust us. 3;)
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Comment 7Solar (BAUD)08-Nov-2001 13:11 GMT
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