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[News] Amiga 2001 news update (updated)ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Nov-2001 15:07 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä69 comments
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Some news gathered from several sources attending the show.

A complete Pegasos-based computer system that will be on sale next year will cost approximately 1000 euro (~$900). The motherboards will also be available separately.

Hyperion and Haage & Partner are developing AmigaOS 4 with several other developers. New features include:

  • PPC native Picasso96
  • New Warp3D with "Matrox-, Permedia3- and Radeon1/2-support"
  • Generic PCI-drivers
  • USB-support
  • BlizzardPPC-support evaluated
  • Integrated 68k-emulation
  • PPC datatypes
  • Price: approximately the same as OS3.9
  • Initial release planned for February
Hyperion also told that they've been talking with both Elbox and BPlan and that they want to have versions of AmigaOS 4 for the SharkPPC and Pegasos.

[The original item I posted had some mistakes in it, and since amiga-news.de even took down the article I used as a primary source, I decided to repost the item edited - Teemu] [I merged new article and old comments - CK]

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Amiga 2001 news update (updated) : Comment 46 of 69ANN.lu
Posted by John Block on 19-Nov-2001 09:11 GMT
In reply to Comment 45 (smithy):
When we examine the philosopy of microsoft there is a lot of good in
There's idealism about empowerment and the spread of
computers as a tool for the individual.
These people see themselves as changing the world and making a
There's a disconnect between people who are trying to make cool
software and business practices.
When we look at reported Microsoft employment practices that
disconnect becomes clearer
Anyhow, Microsoft are putting money into the pocket of a localish
bread delivery man. (A guy in Park Royal, London wrote Ray of light
about 10 years ago)
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