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[News] Amiga announces new Vice President of EngineeringANN.lu
Posted on 05-Dec-2001 21:17 GMT by Christian Kemp53 comments
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In a press release dated December 3rd, but apparently only released today, Amiga announces a new Vice President of Engineering: "Sanjay Menon has joined Amiga as it's new Vice President of Engineering. Menon brings 10 years of development and management experience to Amiga." Read More [ Comment removed. Explanation. - CK ]
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Comment 1Ben Hermans/Hyperion05-Dec-2001 20:51 GMT
Comment 2Frans05-Dec-2001 21:07 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous05-Dec-2001 21:33 GMT
Comment 4Skal Loret05-Dec-2001 21:41 GMT
Comment 5Johan Rönnblom05-Dec-2001 21:44 GMT
Comment 6Sami Cokar05-Dec-2001 21:45 GMT
Comment 7anonymous05-Dec-2001 21:50 GMT
Comment 8Douglas McLaughlin05-Dec-2001 21:58 GMT
Comment 9amorel05-Dec-2001 22:17 GMT
Comment 10Don Cox05-Dec-2001 22:17 GMT
Comment 11daka...05-Dec-2001 22:23 GMT
Comment 12daka...05-Dec-2001 22:30 GMT
Comment 13Robb Perrone05-Dec-2001 23:12 GMT
Comment 14stefan06-Dec-2001 00:02 GMT
Comment 15Skal Loret06-Dec-2001 00:12 GMT
Comment 16NihilVor06-Dec-2001 00:19 GMT
Comment 17NihilVor06-Dec-2001 00:33 GMT
Comment 18InJun06-Dec-2001 00:39 GMT
Comment 19Graham06-Dec-2001 00:51 GMT
Comment 20windtalkers06-Dec-2001 01:25 GMT
Comment 21windtalkers06-Dec-2001 03:03 GMT
Comment 22windtalkers06-Dec-2001 03:04 GMT
Comment 23windtalkers06-Dec-2001 03:21 GMT
Comment 24Nathaniel Downes06-Dec-2001 04:11 GMT
Comment 25Nathaniel Downes06-Dec-2001 04:14 GMT
Comment 26Anonymous06-Dec-2001 04:17 GMT
Comment 27Anonymous06-Dec-2001 04:21 GMT
Comment 28kevin orme06-Dec-2001 04:38 GMT
Comment 29Christian Kemp06-Dec-2001 05:19 GMT
Comment 30tired06-Dec-2001 07:23 GMT
Comment 31John McKenzie06-Dec-2001 07:35 GMT
Comment 32Dave06-Dec-2001 07:36 GMT
Comment 33Anonymous06-Dec-2001 07:42 GMT
Comment 34AlBolone06-Dec-2001 08:48 GMT
Comment 35Ben Clarke06-Dec-2001 09:53 GMT
Amiga announces new Vice President of Engineering : Comment 36 of 53ANN.lu
Posted by anonymous on 06-Dec-2001 13:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 35 (Ben Clarke):
Zaurus hasn't run Elate for ages, runs lineo embedded linux, with the Jeode mini-java solution, Codewarrior C++ dev environment, using QT embedded for the windowing environment.Check qpe.sourceforge.net for a cross-platform dev environment for X/win32. Zaurus is a nice system, but I've never seen anything about Amiga on the dev list.
#38 amigammc #43 Ben Clarke
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Comment 37Christian Kemp06-Dec-2001 13:40 GMT
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Comment 41CyberZorro06-Dec-2001 17:32 GMT
Comment 42Kay Are Ulvestad06-Dec-2001 17:49 GMT
Comment 43Ben Clarke06-Dec-2001 18:56 GMT
Comment 44Simon Goodwin06-Dec-2001 19:39 GMT
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Comment 46Kay Are Ulvestad06-Dec-2001 20:36 GMT
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Comment 48smithy06-Dec-2001 21:27 GMT
Comment 49Anonymous07-Dec-2001 03:26 GMT
Comment 50Anonymous07-Dec-2001 03:27 GMT
Comment 51Ray A. Akey07-Dec-2001 10:05 GMT
Comment 52amorel07-Dec-2001 12:08 GMT
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