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Posted on 02-Jan-2002 16:50 GMT by Christophe Decanini29 comments
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ANN is a Amiga News site. A lot of ANN users complain about recent posts that have nothing to do with news. In the last weeks I had to delete a lot of these posts. I will even go further to avoid any "f#@& xxx" "XOS is better than YOS" "where can I find blablabla posts". I encourage you to post real news and to never answer to any starting flamewar. ANN success is thanks to you guys so help us to keep it clean.
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Comment 1Smithy02-Jan-2002 16:02 GMT
Comment 2John Block02-Jan-2002 16:22 GMT
Comment 4Samface02-Jan-2002 16:44 GMT
Comment 5Samface02-Jan-2002 16:50 GMT
Comment 6Mike Veroukis02-Jan-2002 17:05 GMT
Comment 7Samface02-Jan-2002 17:07 GMT
Comment 8William F. Maddock02-Jan-2002 17:25 GMT
Comment 9Mike Veroukis02-Jan-2002 17:43 GMT
Comment 10Christophe Decanini02-Jan-2002 17:54 GMT
Comment 11Christophe Decanini02-Jan-2002 18:02 GMT
Comment 12Peter Eriksson02-Jan-2002 18:15 GMT
Comment 13Anonymous02-Jan-2002 18:28 GMT
Comment 14Bifford the Youngest02-Jan-2002 18:46 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous02-Jan-2002 18:47 GMT
Comment 16William F. Maddock02-Jan-2002 20:08 GMT
Comment 17CnlPepper02-Jan-2002 20:54 GMT
Comment 18Mike Veroukis02-Jan-2002 20:58 GMT
Comment 19Thomas Leroux02-Jan-2002 21:36 GMT
Comment 20Robb Perrone02-Jan-2002 23:27 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous02-Jan-2002 23:37 GMT
Comment 22Graham02-Jan-2002 23:47 GMT
Comment 23redrumloa03-Jan-2002 00:16 GMT
Comment 24Cinnimon Cat03-Jan-2002 05:36 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous03-Jan-2002 09:02 GMT
Comment 26Don Cox03-Jan-2002 10:16 GMT
Comment 27Jules03-Jan-2002 10:59 GMT
Comment 28CnlPepper03-Jan-2002 17:47 GMT
Comment 29Bifford the Youngest03-Jan-2002 18:18 GMT
Comment 30Anonymous08-Jan-2002 11:42 GMT
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